Green Done

Green done for the season. Sutton gone for 6.

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This injury will be tough for Green to come back from even next season.

That amount of damage is likely insurmountable. I’m afraid that’s it for his career.

Very tough news for S.J. (and for us, secondarily). I wish him all the best in recovery but this is a devastating injury for any player, let alone a receiver on the wrong side of 30. Nothing is certain but I wouldn't be surprised if that's his football career right there.

Losing Sutton to the 6-game in the same game really sucks too.

Bad deal for green. Hope it's not career ending. I hope like hell carter looKS at the big picture and gets it together. Emotion is good if focused in the right direction but with him it's volital

Carter has the opportunity here to step up and become a leader of sorts. The team needs him now more than ever. The stage is set for him to shine or fail. It's up to HIM!

SJ is in the same situation Jamel Richardson was. Its over. :cry:

Yes its too bad and I suspect his career is over. Not blaming Glenn at all but his passes all night were putting receivers at risk with his high and wide throws. This was one of those. He just seems only accurate on passes 10-12 yards down the middle with straight line vision to his target. Ottawa took those away and almost gave him open sideline looks. Things get tougher now for sure and I suspect we will see Cato sooner rather than later.

I know. Really terrible way for such a great receiver to end his football career.

Worse actually .. Richardson only tore two of the three.

[i]Johnny remembers seeing SJ at training camp in 2007, and knowing he would be a great one. He spent 2 whole years on the PR, but had an impact as soon as he saw the field (replacing Richardson for a game in 2009). In 2010 he became a regular, and he made that incredible one handed catch in the back of the end zone in the season opener at Saskatchewan, in overtime.

So many other good memories. In the last few years, we have seen Cahoon, Watkins, Richardson and now most likely Green leave. It was great to have all those guys. It sucks when they have to leave the game :frowning: [/i]

Green's career is almost certainly over. He may not even walk right after that. I blew my ACL/MCL and broke my patella in 2011 (and I am not an athlete), and I still have a lot of trouble. Now granted, I didn't have surgery or anything, just demobilized and healed, but he is 31 years old.

What is the Als situation right now at WR? I'm not fantastic with keeping track of the internationals/nationals and how that affects what we can and cannot do with our lineups. Do you think the Als will look to bring in another receiver now? I don't want to sound like a fanboy or anything, but do they even consider bringing Tommy Shuler back in? I thought he performed well during camp. He is small and his 40 time isn't great, but he plays fast, aggressive, & smart. He is top 5 all-time NCAA receivers. Also, he & Cato are closer than most biological brothers. Tommy is much more social/articulate, and I still think it would be smart to get them rooming together.

BJ Cunningham looks good, but I've always thought that Giguere is a scrub. Maybe we could give Stef Logan some reps at slot? Nik Lewis isn't gonna be able to catch 20 a game every game this year. We need someone else who can just flat out ball like he does. With Sutton on the 6-game list, can we grab an international receiver and a national RB and be okay?

Thanks, everyone.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago that Glenn would get one of these guys injured throwing behind and above them.

Giguere is what he is: a 5th receiver. He's not going to step into Green's shoes, that's for sure. I think Cunningham draws into S.J.'s spot -- he's a big rangy body who should be able to make those contested catches in traffic. Lewis will obviously see more action. And then I activate one of Louks or Jones (IMO Louks) from the PR.

Discipline, he is our best national receiver, right?

At the moment, sadly, yes. The team hasn't placed much stock in national receivers since Ben Cahoon retired. And with the nationals we start elsewhere, I guess it's not their priority.

How the hell did he manage to stay in the NFL as long as he did?

Also, why is national WR not a priority? It seems to me that WR is the easiest position to recruit at any level of football, Canadian or American. I would think you would want to focus on getting your national ratio taken care of at WR and try to have an all-international OL.

Much easier to find quality national O-linemen en masse than it is to find that many quality national receivers. Also, our O-line hasn't been a problem.

Ah, I see. I just assumed it would be easier to find skills players as they are a dime-a-dozen in the US. I guess the national OL are big ole farm-bred boys out in the plains?