Green Day- Way to go Saskatchewan!

I just wanted to say that it was great to be out and about and see all the great team spirit that is going on. Here in Saskatoon so many Rider flags flying, so many people dressed in green, signs everywhere. I love how the city buses have GO RIDERS GO on their scrolls. The CUPE picket line walkers were dressed in green, the school kids, it was everywhere. My favourite was after my workout at the fieldhouse, there was a seniors fitness class starting and I would have to say at least three quarters of them were wearing Rider green. I bet Regina and the rest of the province looks fabulous too! Made me (and my husband who was born and raised in BC but is a total convert)proud to live in Saskatchewan. Way to go Rider Pride!

Thats cool, Rider pride is alive and well in Manitoba as well, lots of local businesses have people dressed in Green and white as it was casual friday today, quite a few Rider Grey Cup parties to attend as well, i have chosen the Bomber Grey Cup party. Lots of people on the street dressed in Rider hats and shirts. Its going to be a great day on Sunday and hopfully the Riders bring the Cup home and it will be interesting if they win what happens in Saskatchewan on Monday :slight_smile:

It was awesome to see all the green and white around Regina today. Greetings at work changed from thanks and have a great weekend to 'GO RIDERS'

see you on Albert Street for the party

I got coined the nickname of "Bobby" today at work (I wore my bobby jurasin bandana that I got when I was about 8 yrs old!)It was amazing the buzz is incredible. Christmas? NFL? NHL? what the heck is that hahaha GO RIDERS GO

Wonderful to hear what it's like "back home". I'm in a small Québec city where I'm afraid it is not quite the buzz so it is nice to hear what's shaking this week at "Headquarters"!

Would love to hear from some of you from the small towns ... how's spirit/visibility there??

Our high school had "Green Day"...was so nice to see the teachers/students all donning the colours...

I go to the largest high school in Regina. We had a green and white day before the west semi, and on this past friday. It was very green inside the school lol!

rider nation is alive and well in the interior of b.c. as well. I just moved to Kamloops and have met more rider fans than lions fans. It's a beautiful thing. go green!!!!!!!!!