Green Day to rock Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime stage

TORONTO — Green Day – one of the most recognizable and influential punk rock bands in the world – will headline the Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime Show for the 110th Grey Cup at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton on Sunday, November 19, the CFL announced on Saturday night.

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Never heard of them.

Never heard of Twisted Tea either

Does this make it a Green Tea Grey Cup

IIRC they’ll be the first act to perform both the Grey Cup and the Simpsons.


You are going to love these guys FYB they sound just like ABBA .


Who’s this ABBA you speak of?
I listen only to the Andrews Sisters.


They are pretty Bad if you don’t like punk rock - which I don’t - but Thank God not another Country act like Underwood or Urban,

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They are not even close to punk rock , more like ABBA meets the Bee Gees with a little of the Carpenters thrown in .


I like them all right but they haven’t done much of note in about 20 years.


For those who don’t know or who are keeping score, here’s simply my opinion.

And for those who don’t know, I have zero doubt you have heard one of their songs if you listened to a radio in the last 20 years.

Green Day was more like speed rock with screaming lyrics like way too many of those '90s bands, and then they mellowed out their sound in the '00s.

I think they were an overrated and industry band and I had no clue they were still around, for I have not heard anything about them in at least 15 years!

Their biggest hit was “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” one of many formulaic hits.

Maybe somebody here knows more about Green Day in their early days before they hit it big in the 1990s, but upon their mass success via their breakthrough album Dookie, maybe this is about as “punk” as they got:

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I don’t know what their biggest hit was but they had quite a few during and after my college years: Basket Case, American Idiot, When I Come Around, etc.
They’re definitely in the corporate radio playlist now. When I hear them, I no longer crank it up like I used to. Overplayed.


I remember a college road trip to Birmingham. This girl in the back seat was listening to Green Day on her Walkman and kept singing it out loud so the rest of us had to listen to her acapella singing.


They aren’t in my basket of favourites but do have a decent cult following and name recognition, even if they are past their prime. But then so are many well known bands. Overall I think a pretty good choice.


Overplayed is right!

I was going by mere opinion from memory and YouTube clicks on that one, and it’s not even close on YouTube after “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” which you probably also remember in 2004 on radio was always on back then when satellite radio was still in its early days.

Nobody misses terrestrial radio, and sadly now satellite radio resembles it more and more every year.

Oh yeah I remember all their 1990s stuff too, but other than that song I linked above, I never cared for Green Day. I’m surprised the CFL picked them.

Maybe they do have a younger following again than our “Generation X.”

I never hated Green Day. American Idiot, When September Ends, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams were mainstays on just about everybody’s playlist. My problem was that every song sounded exactly the same. But with a few drinks, we’d all rock out.

But the fact that I, at my age, rocked out to these guys when I was young is not a good sign. It means they’re still catering to an older crowd. May as well get Def Leppard or Poison. If they want to get a younger demographic, bands from 30 plus years ago will not accomplish that goal.


I only listen to 70s, or oldies stuff.

If I ever heard one of their songs on anything else, I would not know it

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They should see if Banx and Ranx is available next year.

Saw them in calgary 20 years ago.
Great concert.
However, didnt know they were still going.
If they play their old hits it should be a fun 20 min.

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Pink has a wide audience that spans a big age range. I’d love to see her play at the half.

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That’s not even remotely true.

I don’t like them all that much but they’re not as bad as you guys are making them out to be. Yes, they’re a fairly generic mainstream modern rock band but they have a few good songs.

At least the Grey Cup halftime show went in a different direction this year with:
A: something that isn’t country and
B: a band people have actually heard of



At least Green Day have some songs that are listenable.