Green, Cox, Woods restructure deals

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Not really sure what Popp was doing in the last year when it comes to signing contracts he can't actually pay for, but hey. He didn't lose these guys, unlike Muamba.

Saw something this morning about how the Als were supposedly $700,000 over the cap. Guess this helps, but there's probably more work to be done.

Keep in mind that they have over 70 players under contract. You cut 14 of those, even at the league minimum and that's about 725 000.00

That makes sense considering that the Cats currently have only 54 players on their roster, so the Als with 70 players at the moment have 16 players more under contract then Hamilton . So it's close considering it's only off by a mere 2 players difference in salary if as Hfx says the team cuts 14 players using the league minimum as an example.

I was wondering about that. A few years ago, the NFL has something called "the rule of 53" or some such (still might) which stated that only your top 53 salaries counted against the cap. You could actually sign a guy and not lose cap space if his salary was 54th out of your roster.

I guess the CFL has no such thing. You need to be under the cap by a certain date then.

.....700K over the cap...wowsers...Popp better get his best renegotiating hat on or bring out the scalpel...What has he been doing lately besides bringing in players he cant afford :roll:

Good lord. There is no "over the cap." It's effing February. Popp's doing what he needs to do to make sure that we aren't over the cap at the end of 2016.

Apparently the plan was “promise players all kinds of money you have no intention on actually paying them.”

Fortunately this is the “Contracts are meaningless Football League”, so he can get away with it.

…I know you want to circle the wagons discipline but when we read stories like’'are we witnessing the demise of Jim Popp"…makes you wonder…I have always respected the man and his managing in the past BUT lately red flags are starting to pop up here and there (pardon the pun)…Is he losing it…the Thorpe thing…the Muamba farce…being content on taking on players who should have hung them up???All questions that are not looking good on Mr. Popp…But soldier on in his defence…maybe just delaying the inevitable… :roll: :roll: :roll:

It would help to have a point of comparison.

d&p doesn't like the term "over the cap" so let's say it this way: I wonder how much the other teams have to cut out in order to be under the cap when the season starts?

If most teams are in the same general ball park, then fine, but that's quite a few moves Popp has had to make in order to get there. Other teams don't seem to be in that position, with the possible exception of Saskatchewan who did their purge a couple of months ago.

Je me fous pas mal de quoi Popp a l'air pendant l'entre-saisons. Ce qui m'importe, c'est de quoi les Alouettes ont l'air pendant la saison. Si les Alouettes sont dans course en 2016, Popp aura fait du bon boulot. Si les Alouettes font partie des éliminatoires, Popp aura fait du très bon boulot. Si les Alouettes ses rendent à la Coupe Grey, Popp aura fait de l'excellent boulot. Si les Alouettes gagnent la Coupe Grey, Popp aura fait un travail extraordinaire.

Je m'attends ce que Popp ait fait du très bon boulot. De toute façon, il ne sera pas de retour comme entraîneur-chef en 2017.

Teams can spend 5.1 million a season on players suiting up for gamed day including practice roster wages.

They can spend as much as the want on the injured list that is exempt from the salary cap.

Seems all but one of his players have agreed. And While I was really pissed at Muamba's release. I received a PM that the Als turned down a pair of low end draft picks and chose to release Muamba as a "consolation prize" so he could at least attempt finding an NFL job and making him a free agent which considering the situation was appreciated by his agent and while its doubtful we will choose Montreal again. There is no burned bridges with his influential agent.

So people can prepare their parade and use all they want at this point but its really meaningless.

Man, I'm no apologist for Popp. In fact I wish he'd take a powder.

But to cut the team some slack....its no different than the approach Austin took when he inherited a rebuild in Hammy. He "signed" everybody. Then cut half as he moved along.

Als took an unexpected path when they went all in on signing Duron Carter and Martin, players they deemed extraordinary and felt they could not pass up, rightly or wrongly. Those were unexpected acquisitions and cost much money. It cost them Muamba and Bourke

No one is over the cap now...and players signing now know that not all will be kept.

When all is said and done every team will have 75+ at their TCs.

...just seems a little odd that a lot of players are being asked to restructure....Could this mean budget problems??? You can see why there's a few raised eyebrows especially when the local press in Mont. is starting to ask some pointed questions...You know what they say...where there's smoke there's usually something being ignited??Guess we'll know for certain when the league accounting is done with regard to the sms..

and what we do know from past experience reading here is that if Bombers struggle again, you Papa, will be calling for heads to roll, that you are done with the team and that all the players who leave or stay, coaches. management are bums. that is just how you consistently roll. Clockwork.

Popp signed Muamba and Glenn with leftover money. the SMS audit won't tell you anything we don't already know. What we have here is a GM somewhere who is looking like an idiot because he lost a bunch of players to free agency and is now going to the press because he's bitter another GM has gone another route.

I don't know if Popp will be successful. Till this team plays some games but I'm a lot more confident starting the season with Gleen instead of Crompton and additions like Carter, Martin, Stafford than I was last season and that team managed to win seven games. Chapdelaine and Glenn had the Riders offense in the top third of the league last year. Their defense sunk their season.

We'll see when the bullets fly.

Pour moi, ça demeure un show de boucane. Les Alouettes ont dépensé une fortune pour garder des joueurs blessés sur la liste des blessés pour 6 parties l'an dernier. Il se peut que ça ait joué sur le budget de cette année. Néanmoins, la question du plafond salarial ne m'inquiétera pas avant qu'il ne soit pertinent. Présentement, il ne l'est pas. Le fait que ces joueurs importants aient consenti un réaménagement de leur contrat est plutôt un endossement de la crédibilité de Popp plutôt qu'un désaveu.

It looks pretty ridiculous, though. Do you see NHL teams signing players and then 6 months later going "oops, turns out we can't actually pay out that deal we agreed to?"

No, because they have to honor their contracts. It makes them more careful about promising things. I see this as a new tactic in the CFL: offer players big contracts so other teams can't sign them, then cut or "restructure" the deals later to fit within the actual budget you have.

Only in a sport where contracts have as little meaning as they do in the CFL can this type of thing fly.

Glenn is also being worked on for a haircut.