Green and White game

It was very low scoring and cut short as the coaches felt they had enough reps and didn't want to face injury.

Positions I was watching:

Quarterback #2 and #3

I'd expect Harker to stick. Mason Fine and Paxton Lynch, in my opinion, were neck and neck for #3. Paxton Lynch didn't get as many reps. Had a nice drive at the end of Q2. Mason Fine put together a few solid throws just before that but unable to finish in the endzone. Slight advantage, imo, to Mason Fine but coach Dickenson said Paxton Lynch was his standout.


It's hard to judge the LB position without actual tackling and from just one practice. Mulinder was saying there's a few solid LBs in camp and he tends to be right.


Paul McRoberts took snaps with the 1s and looked good. Picton had a few nice grabs.


Appears to be a strength this season.


Jon Ryan had a few nice boots one from his 15 yardline to the other 15 yard line.


Looks fast but still a work in progress. Hopefully they can gel by getting more reps. Oline is a question mark

Thanks for the update. I was unable to get there to watch.

Would Lynch hang around for a third string gig? I would think he’d expect to be number two.

I was hoping that Flacco might breakthrough for that third job, since he went to my college. Oh well.

Coach Craig says they're not in game shape. Had to shorten the second half cause guys were gassed. NOT good. Can only wonder how many other teams might have this problem.