Green Alberta or Red Alberta... who ya got?

Pretty self explanatory... plus might as well be a game thread.

Cheering for Gable, so by extension, green alberta...

who you got?
....................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

ABSOLUTELY and CJ just got the first score of the game! ;D ;D CJ doing CJ things! :slight_smile:

CJ TD!!!??

CJ unbelievable when he doesn’t have to block 20 plays a game ?!

Gable in for the eskiMOS-CAtS(see what I did there)

Clever Grover! :smiley: I've heard FAR more about CJ since he became an Esks than I think I did all the time he was in Hamilton. ::slight_smile: Austin liked to sing his praises about how he was the best back in the league but rarely gave him a chance to touch the ball! Our loss and EE's gain - not that Alex Green didn't do an admirable job of course.

So I wonder what happened to the horses' "vaunted" D?? Eskies up 14-0! :smiley: :smiley:

It would be good to see a wannabe "coach of the year" watching the Grey Cup on tv in Calgary.....haha Dickenson

CAL needs the smugness knocked out of them. There’s no one I’d rather see lose this post-season.

Agree entirely!

What's funny is while Calgary is smug... I find Edmontons fans on social media waaaay worse.

Not sure who I dislike more BLM or Ricky Ray?

Maas is a complete Moron!

Maas should give himself one of these for that call

Wow! You would have thought that the field goal decision (rather then go for the 3rd down) with about 1 minute left, that you were watching a Jones’ coached TiCat game. NOT A GOOD CALL!!!

Coach's "CAN" lose games! (like Austin, Jones and now Maas.)

IT's that simple.

BLM hands down!!!!!

Dickenson for "Coach of the Year" (he is one of the few elite coach's)

So what about that supposed PI call challenge by Dickenson that the Review Booth called NOT PI sinCe ball was in the air to another receiver????? This was a new stwist that I haven’t come across, ever! And there was contact outside of 5 yd zone with arrogant Mitchell with ball in his throwing hand! I just dont understand these zebras or the CFL PI rule. Changes daily it seems!!!

First of all, the challenge was for "Illegal contact". "Illegal contact" and "Pass interference" are defined differently from each other. "Pass interference" is never called away from the ball.

The point of penalizing "Illegal contact" away from the ball is that the QB might have wanted to throw to player X who was contacted illegally, but was forced to throw elsewhere because of the contact. If the ball had already been thrown away from player X, any subsequent contact on player X had no bearing on the targets available to the QB. I'm pretty sure I've seen "Illegal contact" challenges denied earlier this season on the same grounds as tonight.

On the play in question tonight, the officials ruled that BLM had already thrown the ball away from the "contacted" receiver before the contact occurred.

This is akin to other subtle details, such as the fact that "Illegal Interference - Blocking Downfield" is only applicable on a forward pass, but not on a lateral (e.g. a swing pass where the throw is ruled a lateral).