Green Again: Riders sign Charleston Hughes

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed American defensive lineman Charleston Hughes.

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The 38 year old is back from Toronto where he had 18 tackles and 2 sacks and 0 forced fumbles in 9 games last year.

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Not so sure Charleston Hughes can still perform at the required top level for the CFL as father time is whittling away at him. But have to give him credit for staying in the race. Best of luck to him, :+1: but not to the Riders. :grinning:

Chiefs waive Woodard and we go after Hughes? :thinking:

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I find it a bit odd too. I guess we will find out if he was just not ready to play last season or if father time has caught up with him.

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I’m thinking it's the latter… Seemed like his get-up-and-go got up and left.
But I'd love for him to prove me wrong.

The Riders still have Woodard's rights if he comes back to the CFL so they will have Hughes and Woodard if he returns. I doubt Hughes cost them too much this time around!

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Are you sure about that one? I thought there were a few returnees after failed NFL tryouts that went to different teams upon coming back up here. It was maybe an organization decision not to re-sign them, I don't know. I think a release is a release with maybe a gentlemens agreement in there. I don't think there is an enforceable means in there where they Have to come back to releasing team.

That guy's still a force. If he gets enough healing time between games he'll dangerous.

By the way, Nelson Locombo is back after suffering a season ending achilles tear last year during a drill:

"In addition to Lokombo, linebacker Larry Dean, defensive lineman Freddie Bishop III and running back Jonathan Femi-Cole went down with Achilles tears in quick succession during a drill last summer. All four players were lost for the season, with Femi-Cole recently being added to the team’s retired list."

What the heck was the 'drill' that tore so many tendons at once?

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Here is what the leaderpost wrote so unless they got wrong info I'm pretty sure.

"Woodard is signed through the 2022 season. Therefore, the Riders retain his rights for the upcoming season if he returns to the CFL. The Riders announced Woodard’s release on Monday."

Regina radio station CJME reported the same thing. But the article below confirms what Taleback is saying: i.e. teams don’t retain the rights of released players (least not officially).
Btw you’re probably right about Hughes signing at a discount. Welcome to the forum :+1:.

That is one effect of modern steroids. The muscle gets stronger but the tendons don't. As a matter of fact the tendons tend to get brittle.

Achilles tears are a definite sign as the stuff "settles" to the low point in the body and makes the tendon brittle. If you look back to when Dan Marino tore his Achilles and look at that year and the years that follow vs.previous years the number of Achilles tendons torn and ruptured skyrocketed. The huge risk is that when it happens guys usually loose a step.

Right. That's why WR Williams is in Riderville instead of back with the Elks.

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I can believe that. Now some lab is going to have to come up with a chemical enhancer for tendons so they don't tear so easily.

Maybe they'll call it 'Tearoids'.

It would have to be genetic engineering, you get what you are born with.

I used to know a guy who ran a small sawmill and he got his coveralls caught in the planer feed one day. He actually tore a chunk of bone where the tendon attaches out. 4 screws, 8 stitches, and he was back to work the next day....

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Wow that's harsh. He must've been in a walking cast working at station that didn't require much 'walking'. Was he also on painkillers at the time?

When I accidently scalded my foot at work during one summer back in the 1980's the hospital (medic of some sort) had me on crutches and painkillers. My bosses wouldn't let me near the plant until I had a layer of skin on that wound. It looked like a hunk of meat after I pulled the dressing off.

Nope 4 small incisions and dressings. Basically they pulled the tendons back into place and screwed the bone back together. He really did no other damage. The coveralls were all that didn't survive.

Tearing tendons is a painful business though. The problem with tearing is that there is scar tissue that toughens the tendon and doesn't let it flex. But now with stuff like Shockwave therapy you can mitigate some of the damage but tendon structure means healing is slow and leaves the tendon less flexible.

That's why they signed Deans for so little. He has always play light and fast, and now fast is a question.

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I've seen players in their early 30's come back from that kind of injury and play well. Especially the ones with a great work ethic. Keep in mind that Larry Dean's had nearly a year to rehab that tendon. On top of all that your GM signed him at a bargain rate so I wouldn't be surprised if he kills it at linebacker for you guys this year.

Anyone who’ll sign the cheque, hey chuckie

Yes players can go down and come back for different teams but that is when the player has no cfl rights holders anymore or the rights are negotiated with the team that currently holds them. For example Duke Williams didn't have any cfl rights holders anymore when the Riders picked him up, but Shepley does (or at least did of august of last year) and so does Woodard. He doesn't have to come back to the CFL but from my understanding he would have to get his rights negotiated away from the riders to play anywhere else in the CFL. You can release a player and retain his CFL rights if under contract I believe. There was a 3downnation article last year about all the players that were released from the CFL for the NFL and who holds their rights in the CFL . Thanks for the welcome!

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