Like previous discussions on this issue, todays example yet again varifies my belief how the CFL can defeat any NFL team playing our rules and has a good chance in playing the NFL version.
What Greece has done today is not news especially since the USA(NBA players) have lost in the Olympics and previously on a regular basis. Today's win was without any NBA players on the Greece team. Proving once again how the NBA players are over hyped by the American media, just like the NFL players.
No doubt in my mind how our league is just as good if not better then the NFL.

good point,(rouge) cant agree more- US media totaly ignores CFL and CIS, its like if they ignor it, it cant be any good!! imo never underestimate cdn trained athletes!!

List of NFL television contracts
Since 1982
1982-86 NBC CBS ABC $420 million/yr
1987-89 NBC CBS ABC ESPN (2nd half) $473 million/yr
1990-93 NBC CBS ABC TNT (1st half)
ESPN (2nd half) $900 million/yr
1994-97 NBC FOX ($395 million/yr) ABC TNT (1st half)
ESPN (2nd half) $1.1 billion/yr
1998-2005 CBS ($500 million/yr) FOX ($550 million/yr) ABC ($550 million/yr) ESPN ($600 million/yr) $2.2 billion/yr
2006-2011* CBS ($622.5 million/yr) FOX ($712.5 million/yr) ESPN ($1.1 billion/yr) NBC ($650 million/yr) $3.1 billion/yr

NBC's contract runs through 2012, and ESPN's contract runs through 2014

Does the CFL have similar U.S. television contract compared to the NFL?

What's your point RK, I'm a slow learner so spell it out loud and clear...

No doubt in my mind how our league is just as good if not better then the NFL

I proved this person is incorrect about television contracts.

American athletes are a product of the American media. Who elevate them to superstar status. But outside of Tiger Woods, when they have to prove how great they are, they fall flat on their face. Those who say Canadian football players suck are usually the same morons in the Canadian media. I mean these same people have their lips firmly planted on American rear ends. Like this know nothing in the Ottawa Sun named Erin Nicks wrote how Ricky Williams would show fans of the CFL what a second rate product it is. Some guy on ESPN said Williams would rush for 4000 yards. Of course it hasn't happened. Williams is good, but he doesn't walk on water. PRoving the talent level in CAnada, including Canadians, ain't that far from the NFL. ITs just some up here get sucked in by the fancy TV broadcasts, and the cheerleading from the US media. But as the basketball shows, the Emperor has no clothes!

I don't like to laugh at anyones short commings but it is great to see the over hyped pro's of the NBA get beat (again) by amateurs.

How will the media spin this one?

To say that the Greek team are amateurs would be incorrect as most if not all play pro ball somewhere in the world. But I agree that is certainly delightful to see the US lose.

Berezin good points as well.
Agree 150%.

any body can win a game, no matter what, that's what sport is all about.

Gald to see Greece, where some of my acesters are from, kicking the USA butt!

RK, no, the CFL doesn't have that kind of TV contacts in the US.

Basketball is a different game. Greece and the USA play two different styles of games. Many American experts predicted they would lose going into the tourney due to the way the team was assembled.

Another one who needs an education. You proved nothing except the fact that the u.s. has 10 times the population therefore 10 times the cash flow. Money ( as i've said many times) DOES NOT make an athlete any better or worse then another athlete.

The Swiss with Canadian talent that couldn't make semi pro in North America, beat our finest hockey players we had to offer. Team Canada's baseball team beats the good old USA...just two more examples that one would can't happen...CFL vs NFL, tough pick...

I guess the NBA Championship isn't the true W.C. after all.

When is the last time the U.S. has won gold?

USA last won the world Championship in bball in 1994. Last won the Olympics in 2000. Got knocked out the medals in World Baseball championship last year. Usually when your armies start losing and your sports teams are not the best anymore suggests a decadent society nearing the end of its reign. Canadians should not feel smug though as we are more like Americans than we think. Unless we preserve our differences and take only the best of the American experience we will fall behind too in sports and the economy. For whom the bell tolls , it depends on us!!!

:D What the USA bball team needed was Canadian Steve Nash!!!!!!!!!!

Instead of playing NBA one on 5 basketball Nash makes his teams play 5 become 1!!!!!
That is why his teams are always successful because they play teamball 1st not individual ball.

The loss looks good on the Americans. Any time they get beat, wether its hockey, basketball or baseball it shows that the rest of the world has great athletes.

Plus, their baseball team failed to qulity for the 2004 Olympics, which is likly a reason baseball has been pulled for the O program for London 2012.

Every where you look there are plenty of examples how the Americans are no longer dominent in sport, be it individual or team variety.
Which makes that World Champion crap the media spell out for every winning team even more of a joke.

and the sports that they are dominating on the world stage now are sports they hardly ever watch, ex. Softball, Women's Soccer, etc.