Greatest Wide Receiver Ever in the CFL

I would like to find out your opinions as to who would be the top three all-time greatest wide receivers in the CFL, and would this list of the top three include Milt Stegall of the Blue Bombers and Tony Gabriel?
In the NFL, the greatest wide receiver would be Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders with over 22,000 receiving yards and I think 203 touchdowns. After that you could include Tim Brown of the Oakland Raiders, Art Monk of the Washington Redskins, and others. I just want to hear your opinions.

all of you people are trying to make me crazy. stegall is a slotback, always was always will be. so no the list would not include him.

........Allen Pitts would be in the group.......(homer answer I know but still true)......Mervin Fernandez..........Stegall for sure......

Pitts, Yo Murphy and maybe DJ Flick.

Mervyn Fernandez.

Geroy Simon

Tommy Scott, Stephan Jones, Tony Gabriel, Dipietro…

Jerel Myers, Tony Simmons and Azzi (on the Renegades)

I know he was mostly known for his work on special teams, but you could make a case for Henry "Gizmo" Williams in there too. Otherwise, definitely Stegall, Tony Gabriel, Allan Pitts, "Swervin'" Mervyn Fernandez, or even Darren Flutie or Brian Kelly.

Man alive... some weird answers. Allen Pitts is #1, even Stegall admits that much. And so what if he's a slotback, I'd still give Stegall #2. After that.. I don't know. If you were looking purely at numbers, I suppose Darren Flutie.. but I agree with Stegall on this too, that he wasn't all he was cracked up to be.

Mervyn Fernandez, Terry Greer, Brian Kelly.

Wasn't Rocky DiPietro a running back and not a wide out? If you're going to include him, might was well throw in David Sapunjis.

Dipietro was a slotback.

.........cut me and I bleed redandwhite blood cells......but I would have to put Stegall ahead of Pitts by one slot for a couple of reasons......Allen had the luxury of working with QBs like Flutie, Garcia and Dickenson, Milt hasn't had it quite so easy......same with coaches and OCs, the coaching squad was very stable over the years Allen was here whereas Milt has had to deal with lots and lots of controversy over the past few seasons in Winnipeg.......

Good point…Milt…Pitts…Tony G…

is this name the slotback thread or are you guys messing with me the way kk played with milkman. gabriel, stegal, simon slotback slotback slotback. just because you catch balls does not make you a wr. receiver yes wr no.
you are messing with me aren't you??? well done i fell for it. if not say you were because it makes you look better.

Donald Narcisse. He is definetly up there. Not huge in the big play department, but probably the best possesion reciever in the league ever. IMO

ok were messing with you, blackdale...!!

what difference does it make if he is a slotback??? the question was who was the best wide receiver. slotback is not wide receiver. that is the difference. if you want to talk receiver in any position that is a different question

and if we are talking any receiver elgaard should make the list. cahoon for sure should be mentioned and of course number 88 jamie stoddard.