Greatest Ticat playoff performances

Someone mentioned yesterday that Banks' game rates among the greatest all-time individual performances by a Tiger-Cat in the playoffs. (I would have replied in that thread, but I can't find where I read it anymore.) No doubt that's true, with 226 return yards for two TDs plus another 68 yards rushing and receiving. Spitting distance from 300 yards of offence.

Any other contenders for this list? A couple came to mind:

  • 1984: Felix Wright's four interceptions against the Argos in the EDF to send us to the Grey Cup.

  • 1985: Ken Hobart's five TD passes against Montreal in the EDF to send us to the Grey Cup again. (This after a year in which he was accused of being a one-trick pony as a rushing QB)

My brain stopped storing football stats at some point, and I don't have anything for the late 1990s. Never mind the time before I was born.

Darren Flutie, Grey Cup 1999.

Kevin Glenn 2011 ESF

Corris Ervin 1992 East final. Went up into the stands to confront WPG snowball throwers - awesome.

HOLY CRAP!!! was that 1992?

I feel really old now!

Ozzy on several occasions that I can recall

#1....1986 Grey Cup record 6 fgs in his rookie season Cats 39 Edm 15 a Grey Cup record
#2....1992 East Semi-Final vs Ott at Ivor Wynne game winning 46 yd fg in a raging snowstorm Cats 29 Ott 28 with 11 sec left
#3....1998 East Final vs Mtl 54 yd fg with no time left on clock Ham 22 Mtl 20 a play-off record
Grover Covington...1986 Grey Cup 3 sacks,1 fumble recovery Grey Cup MVP on Defense
Tony Champion.....1989 Grey Cup....2 tds,8 catches for 106 yds including the game tying td rated one of the greatest of all time. Accomplished all this while breaking his ribs during the game.
Angelo Mosca.......1963 Grey Cup in what might still be considered one of the most controversial plays in Cup history,Mosca singlehandedly takes out BC's best player Willie Fleming by running him over like a runaway freight train out of bounds,Mosca thusly earns the title as the CFL's dirtiest player after this incident and wears this honour with pride on his sleeve for the rest of his career.

Tony Champion 1989 Grey Cup the crazy TD catch

Snow shower had stopped by the third qtr. but, yes, he was clutch.

Dont forget 1972 Ian Sunters last minute field goal to win it 13-10!
You could also mention three guys Chuck, Garney and Tony played darn well that day too!

I believe that was on 3rd down, goal to go, with basically tie the game, or lose it, on the line. Amazing in that situation, not to mention his taped-up cracked ribs. I don't think I've been as impressed by a catch in a pro football game until yesterday, 3 days before the 25th anniversary of that "Champion moment."

didn't he have broken ribs in that game?

edit Ottawa cat answered already

1961 EDF. Second game of two-game total point final, in Hamilton. Cats came in trailing the Argos by 18 and tied it up in regulation.

End of regulation: Dave Mann punts it into the Hamilton end zone. Cats kick it out. Mann recovers and kicks it in again. Faloney grabs it about 5 yards deep, and returns it all the way!! :rockin:

Unfortunately it was called back for an illegal block. :cry:

Greatest play ever that didn't count.

(Cats won in overtime.)

As impressive as this Odell Beckham catch is, it's important to understand just how much advantage today's players have with the sticky gloves (Cutters, Nike, etc).

Until a handful of CFL players started wearing glass-cutter's gloves around 1989, most players were using either bare hands or leather gloves (sometimes with a slightly tacky treated surface; Neumann's brand were the gold standard in leather football gloves for a few years). Those leather gloves had nowhere near the sticking power of modern PVC type gloves. Of course sticky glue-like products had been in use further back, but by the early 80s, "stickum" and similar agents had been banned.

The glass-cutter glove thing spread, and eventually purpose made sticky PVC gloves started to appear (including from a company started by former CFL receiver Jim Sandusky). Sandusky actually got a number of patents for sport gloves that he eventually sold to Nike.

The point is that when we compare catches today to catches from the earlier times, you need to appreciate just how much difference the gloves make. Youtube is full of young guys doing the "tip of the ball test" to demonstrate their new set of Cutters or Nike Vapors. Great catches still take great skill, it's just that they take less skill than they did in days gone by.