Greatest Ticat ever?

Earlier today I was sitesurfing and came across the TSN list of the top 50 CFL players of all time. As I was looking, I saw that Garney Henley is the top-rated Tiger-Cat. Which got me thinking... who is the greatest ticat.

When I think of 'the greatest ticat' it has to be more than just stats. It has to be a combination of stats, longevity with the team, a community guy, and a person who has helped to shape the identity of the franchise.

Henley had the stats, the longevity, and the franchise guy. Not sure about the community thing, though. So three out of four. Not a bad pick.

McManus... had the stats (although INTs a little high), the community thing, the franchise for a lot of years, and was here for about 7 years. Not bad I guess.

Covington... stats(yes), franchise(yes), longevity(yes), community(haven't really seen him around lately)

Faloney... franchise(yes), longevity(5-6 years), community(yes), stats(not really... but a master at reading defenses).

Mosca... franchise(yes, definitely shaped Hamilton as a defense first team for years to come even after retirement and gave fans and the team a certain mentality), longevity (yes), community (yes), stats (yes). SO HE'S MY VOTE!!


With honourable mention to: Faloney, McManus, Covington, Osbaldiston, Covington, and Winfield.

What do you think? Who is the greatest ticat? What's your criteria??

T.C. my all time fave.
or ozzie.

Lee Knight.

Greatest Ticat ever. Greatest human ever.

Garney Henley!!!


T.C. the mascot?
Tony Champion?
Tim Cheatwood?
Tay Cody?
Tim Cofield?
Travis Claridge?
Tommy Joe Coffey?

While they're all great, I have to presume you're referring to Tommy Joe?

I have to presume you're referring to Tommy Joe?
I like your presumption. I had him sign my #75 jersey at the last game.


If I had to pick 1 it would be Mosca hands down.

Have to say Garney Henley, two way player, great athlete, a factor everytime he was on the field.

Everytime a subject like this come up one thing always puzzles me. No one ever mentions John Barrow. Played on our best teams, could and did play both ways often, mainstay on the D line, team captain, very involved in the community.

Maybe not many of us left that remember him playing I guess.

How come no one ever says Timm Rosenbach? Man! Or even Bob Torrance?

Seriously, I am going to have to say Angelo Mosca just for his great play on the field during a formative era of Ticat football, his larger than life personality on and off the field, and the fact that he embodies the strong, hard-nosed, blue-collar style that is Steeltown and Hamilton Tiger-Cat football.

  • paul

I agree with you. I'd say Garney Henley for sure, for the reasons you mention. John Barrow would be my number two choice. 16 All-Star selections in 14 seasons (he played both ways for several years and won selections to both teams in the same years!) don't lie. He was a dominant player at his position(s) throughout his career.

The reasons I'd choose Garney over him are that he played more seasons, and he played on special teams as a returner as well as offence and defence. Mostly though, I guess it's because his position was more visible to the fans, making it easier to appreciate his excellence. John Barrow is a very worthy choice though.

Garney Henley He played both Sides of the Ball.

Not many can play Iron Man Football

Garney Henley, hands down!

My honourable mentions would be John Barrow, Bernie Faloney, and Earl Winfield.

Angelo Mosca is in a separate category, IMHO. He was/is the quintessential Tiger-Cat player in terms of his connection with the fans as being representive of what Ticat football should be about: tough, physical, intense slobberknocker-style effort from sideline to sideline!

Oski Wee Wee,

Grover Covington is my pick. Earl Winfield is a very close second.

8) Garney would be #1 choice for sure, with honourable mention to John Barrow and Earl Winfield !!!!

Winfield: the one-man TD machine.

Henry Waszczuk

The sack master and one of the greatest defensive lineman in CFL history...GROVER COVINGTON. Joe Montford not far behind.

we all know Russ is gonna pick his boy rufus....

I still say Hitch, even after watching him in the wrong colours.

Bernie faloney,John Barrow, Grover Covington