Greatest Stamp of all time poll skewed

In todays Calgary Sun (Aug. 21) they have a poll to pick the greatest Stampeder player of all time. Although it is highly likely that Doug Flutie will be the choice, it is a bit unfair when the story is captioned with a picture of Flutie and he is first on the list of 10 nominees. So much for unbaised polling.

On a personal side, I would pick Wayne Harris but I also subscribe to the theory that defense wins championships. The Thumper also played for enough years to make his a more appropriate pick. Although no one can deny Fluties greatness his best years were primarily as an Argonaut and his stay in Calgary was too short to put him to the top of the list in my opinion.

Where polls such as this fall down is that the majority of responders will have never seen Harris play and thus do not have the information to make an educated choice.

...your last sentence is exactly why Harris won't make it...all too often the younger media-raised generation will not think of these greats from season's past...heck, I've been a stamps fan since the early 70's and I have a hard time remembering the important players and their contributions from bygone years....

I would pick Willie Burden.. a great back on some not so great Stamps teams in the mid to late 70s but I always enjoyed watching him play.

Flutie will make the list... look of what he has done.. to bad they dont have anyone close to him right now.. they really need it..


considering Flutie got 20,000 yds in only 4 seasons?

he's one of the best players in the LEAGUE period, nevermind the Stamps.

Well i would take Allen Pitts hands down.

Very happy to say that there must have been were enough old phartz like me voting and the winner was Wayne Harris. Although Flutie I agree was one of the CFL's greatest, his tenure with the Stamps was relatively short and I think thats the reason he didn't win.

Clearly it was L Coleman. This guy was one of the greatest halfbacks there was.