greatest running back of all time bar none.

now i finally find the full show.

I was watching the game when he got hurt. Single worst moment in all of 46 years of watching pro ball and hockey.
I could still cry now, sob.

There are plenty of great RB's of years gone by; my choice is Barry Sanders who had a good career from 1989-98 with the Detroit Lions.

I cant wait to see where Adrian Peterson ends up when his career is over.

George Reed in my books is up there with the best in any league.

So many good ones. . .

I'd go with Emmit Smith.

I wish I could have seen him play. He is truly a legend around here. Growing up all my great aunts and uncles all would tell me these awesome George Reed stories.

Jerry Rice better watch out. By the time Calvin Johnson is done playing a bunch of Jerry Rice's records will be gone I am thinking. That guy is truly incredible to watch.

didnt know that rice and johnson are running backs

Are you still in bah hambug mode?

For the CFL,I remember the days of watching George Reed play; great ball carrier up the middle or slightly to the left or right side of the line.

mostly I am in "I cant wait til next sunday" mode.

gonna be some good football games.

Agreed Earl, any league he would have been successful.

not sure about reed making it in the nfl, but I sure didnt like the way the riders depended too much on him. All those yrs they were at or near the top and only came away with one cup. IMO, one main reason for that was that in key situations, like first and goal from the 1, everyone in the world knew that reed was gonna get it straight up the middle, all 3 times. Of course, he rarely made it in those situations. used to really piss me off. I be yelling at the tv, no no not that again, and again, and again, arrrgggg

OTOH, didnt matter if every one in world knew that Bo was gonna get it, he would still usually make it.

Why wouldn't have Reed made it in the NFL?
I can think of a ton of good RB's in the CFL who would have starred in the NFL.
I would also submit it's more like the NFL RB's would have had trouble playing in our league.
No perfect and recent example such as Ricky Williams.

He would have been good in the NFL at that time in football

Barry is unquestionably my second. They are very close.

Just throwing this out there but where do you rank LaDainian Tomlinson?

13684 yards rushing (good for 5th all time), 624 receptions for close to 5k receiving yards, 145 rushing TDs, 17 receiving TDs in addition to 7 passing TDs in eleven pro seasons.

He had an NFL record 31 TDs as well as 2 passing TDs to go along with 1815 yards rushing in 2006.

If I'm not mistaken he even had a couple games where he threw, rushed and received a TD in the same game!

His 145 rushing TDs are 2nd all time and his 162 total TDs is 3rd. His 624 receptions are 3rd all time.

well, first of all, I am not looking at stats. stats are affected by calibre of teammates, time on field, touches, type of offense, etc.

Having said that, he is well up there, but did not thrill me to watch the way bo and barry did.