greatest Rivalry of all time??

NOw i know there arnt that many rivalries in the CFL but the ones that are there a classics. Like Toronto and Hamilton and Edmonton and Calgary. ive always thought that the tigercats and the argos have had one of the greatest rivalries not only in the CFL but in any sport in NOrth America. What does everybody esle think on this one.

WPG vs SASK, it always brings out the worst in the two teams trash talking.

North Side vs South Side at Frank Clair Stadium. North Side sucks!

Edmonton vs. Calgary, only because it crosses over into other sports and plain old every day life.

Historicly The Ti-Cat/Argo Rivalry Is The Oldest In North America, And Has Been The Best, Although The Last Ten Years Or So The Battle Of Alberta Has Really Taken Over As The Best In The CFL. This Is Mostly Because Of The Fact That Nether Team Has Had A Bad Team To Speak Of (With The Exception Of Last Season) And That The Rivalry Carries Over To Hockey And Soon Also LaCrosse, Which Helps To Add Fuel To The Fire.

The Most Under-Rated Rivalry Is That Of Saskatchewan And Winnipeg, Every Year It’s Always A Great Game On The Labour Day Classic.

Well if you are talking about CFL rivalries, we cant talk other sports then. I have been to many of the classics around the league and bar none SASK vs WPG is the greatest. Edmonton vs Calgary is ok, but its kinda sissy, there is no heckling, its pretty well behaved. On the other hand when Sask/WPG tangle you better have your brass knuckles cuz there is going to be many a bar fight. Its definately the rowdiest.

Yeah the games in Calgary are kinda sissy, but in edmonton, if you are a stamps fan watch out. One year there was the Stamps fan running around, people started to pelt him with beer and pop. He was escorted out of the area. It was great.

You don’t hear anything about the Sask/Win rivalry excpet from there fans.

Calgary, Calgara, Calgary, Calgarahahahahaha.

Eskimos Calgary Rivalry both football and hockey, but the football rivalry is better.

–Ya Calgary / Edmonton’s starting to get pretty hardcore too now, even on the field. What is it now, the last two games in a row that they’ve brawled on the field? Now that Calgary has finally improved(we’ll see how much, I’m not saying anything yet), it should actually make the games a little better. More circa 1990’s, when they seemed to go either way.

I would have to say my personal favourite rivalry in all of sports right now is the Leafs vs Senators, because we kick their f%^&ing asses every year in the playoffs. haha lame Senators.

But in terms of CFL clearly its Tabbies vs Boatmen, although Stamps vs Eskies is intense too

No rivalries in the CFL? Are you on crack…?

Calgary Vs Edmonton…It carries on in hockey too!
Sask Winnipeg a close 2nd, although flashing back to the old huddle, the Ticats and Argo fans had some pretty good dust ups!

The oldest ,longest football riv. in ALL of North America for pro football is …HAMILTON vs. TORONTO…

THE oldest of ALL sports is [including the U.S.]… is the Canadian college…YATES CUP!

Hey TUMBLERSMAN do you actually watch football. How many players got ejected in the Labour Day game in Calgary 2 years ago and A offical also got hit in the head by Ed"Swingin"Herveys helmet and the fans are just as rowdy. To say it is sissy is totally opposite of what it actually is, which is the best rivalry in North American pro sport.

If fighting is your definition of a “great rivalry”, there is always a fight between the players when the Ticats and Argos take the field. Was it last year or two years ago that they had like seven penalties and five players ejected on one brawl that took about fifteen minutes to clear up?
That spills into the stands: a couple of years ago a Ticat fan bit an Argo fan’s ear off a la Mike Tyson. There are usually a couple of fans dragged out of the stadium within view of my seat, so you gotta figure six or seven throughout the stadium.
But I look at other things, like the fact that a lot of people who don’t care about football, the CFL or the Tiger-cats still attend the Labour Day game when the Argos come to town. Even when attendance at Ivor Wynne was at its worst, they could still usually count on a good crowd on that day. And if the Argos ever folded, the Cats would soon follow. How many teams have that kind of a link?
The only CFL rivalry that even comes close is the Edmonton-Calgary one. Though not as geographically close as Hamilton and Toronto, they’re close enough that a lot of people travel to the other stadium to watch their team play. Like Toronto and Hamilton, they’re in the same province, with one the capital and the other a more blue-collar city, creating an “us and them” relationship. Unlike Hamilton and Toronto, for the longest while both have usually fielded good teams, they’ve met in the playoffs nearly every year, and attendance at both stadiums has been strong.
The other rivalries – Ottawa/Montreal and Winnipeg/Saskatchewan – are less strong. They’re further apart, but still closer to their rival than to any other team. They’re in different provinces, so there is no political link. The cities are less different from each other than in the other rivalries. The teams rarely meet in the playoffs because rarely do both field strong teams, and in the case of Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, they’ve actually been in opposite divisions for much of the past two decades. These are rivalries by default more than anything else.
But the oldest, and in my opinion still the strongest, is the Hamilton/Toronto one.

Montreal biggest rivalries is with Edmonton in the Grey Cup games over the years, followed by Toronto, not Ottawa. But they are not as strong as the Hamilton-Toronto or Calgary-Edmonton games. But Montreal-Quebec City would be a war!!!

Agreed, that would be a huge rivalry. But their “official” rivalry right now is with Ottawa, basically by default.

They’re talking about linking up B.C. with the new east coast team for the Labour Day game.

I think Toronto and Hamilton are a pretty good rivalry

That would be a great idea…and I agree , there is nothing to compare with TORONTO / HAMILTON…for history and tradition…HOWEVER…as far as the number of amazing/close games go…CALGARY and EDMONTON has , no equal. :smiley:

That’s because they usually both have good teams. With Hamilton and Toronto, usually one or the other (or both) stink.