Greatest Receiver of All Time

Here we are again with Geroy Simon on the verge of breaking Milt Stegall's record for all time receiving yards, which brought me the question, who is the best?

Some stats if anyone is looking...

Milt Stegall -
Geroy Simon -
Darren Flutie -
Terry Vaughn -
Ben Cahoon -
Allen Pitts -
Ray Elgaard -

Whit Tucker is the all time leader in Average yards with 22.4. Brian Kelly is 6th on that last with 19.42, but Kelly is also 3rd all time in TD receptions and 10th in receiving yards, so you could also make an argument for him.

Tough to decide between all those guys... :?
The receiving corps of the CFL the past 20 years has been exceptional.

Egads, why isn't Tony Gabriel on that list? :o

And if Terry Greer had played more than 5 seasons in the CFL, he may have been an all time great as well, although it was not to be.

Based on the list provided, I think it goes like this:

Milt Stegall
Geroy Simon
Allen Pitts
Darren Flutie
Terry Vaughn
Ray Elgaard
Ben Cahoon

When Geroy establishes new marks for yards and receptions, I would put him ahead of Milt. For now he's second fiddle.

One of the guys what was overlooked is Brian Kelly. Many receiving records are a direct result of longevity. Kelly only played 135 games averaging 19.4 yards per catch. He also scored 97 TD's. Those are pretty impressive numbers right there.

I really do think that you have to consider average yards per catch when you look at receivers, not just total yards and number of catches.

i chose other because so many others missing.all guys mentioned are awesome,but have to remember that many other greats from years gone by only played 10,12,14,16 game seasons.all records should take that in to consideration

jeff boyd,darrel smith,just to many to even attempt to mention, hundreds or atleast 100

Allen Pitts is the best. If he had played as many seasons as Stegall or Simon, then Geroy would be looking at about 5,000yds more before he'd be #1.

Pitts didn't play forever, he was done while still in his prime. Nobody was like him, not Stegall, not Simon

Pitts holds records for most yards in one season
Most 100+ yd games in a career, up till a week ago he was tied for most 100+ yd games in a season

He only played 11 seasons. Stegall played 14 and Simon 13. So you take Pitts and give him 3 more seasons he'd be at 18,952yds roughly.

Pitts had hands, size, power and intelligence!

Hugh Campbell, George McGowan, Tommy Joe Coffey, Tommy Scott, Jason Tucker, Terry Evanshan, etc, etc, etc. The problem with these lists is it is almost entirely made of players with fairly recent history. How did this league survive 99 years if the only great players comming for the last 20?

Fernandez. Greatest is not about stats. Its about ability.

I think you're a little off there Best... to suggest Pitts was in his prime when he retired at the age of 36 is a bit misleading! He had great numbers and did a lot of impressive things, but so did Stegall, so has Simon...

Maybe Pitts is the best of all-time - maybe he isn't, but one should consider the quarterbacks that these guys had throwing to them. Not to diminish his accomplishments, but in Pitts' case it was Doug Flutie, Dave Dickenson, Jeff Garcia....

Just sayin'.

Actually, Mervyn Fernandez did have the stats...

in 5 seasons with the Lions he had 6,408 yds and 55 TD's.

Great numbers.
It's a shame he left for the NFL as he could have easily been considered one of the best all time.

He played six seasons, actually (1980-85), the same number as Warren Moon, who is always discussed as one of the greatest CFL QBs despite his short stay in Canada. IMO, any list of the greatest CFL receivers that does not include Greer or Mervyn Fernandez is not a complete list. Both were miles better than, for instance, Terry Vaughn.


take into consideration stegall had only part seasons in his career too not full ones due to trying nfl out
and Stegall only had 1 descent Qb in his career khari and i guess maybe glenn but glenn has always just been a .500 Qb

give stegall flutie for 3 yrs i'd love to see what he woulda put up than

Derrell Mitchell? The Sponge...

nah Mitchell fell off near the end, he was not the same as he was in his early years.

Hal Patterson was also one of the greats from the 50's/60's and still holds the single game receiving record (338yds) as well as the all time Grey Cup record of 580 yds.

And this was accomplished during the rushing era period of the CFL.