Greatest Quarterback receiver combos

As everyone knows, there is a promotion going on. Every team has their best quarterback receiver combo nominated, so that the best QB receiver combo in CFL history can be chosen. In a few days, the Calgary nomination will be announced. My question is, which Calgary duo would you suggest is the best ever?

It's most likely Doug Flutie and Allen Pitts. My darkhorse would have to be Crandell/Boerigter from 2001.

haha i was going to say the credell/boerigter from the playoffs of 2001. Upon further thought you have to give it to flutie/pitts.

No contest. Flutie and Pitts. Garcia and Danielson weren't too bad either.

Hey, don't forget to look way back and remember Liske and Evenshan

No one compares to Flutie and Pitts except Garcia and Pitts. But Flutie and Pitts own half the record book.. I think they should win the whole thing, not just our nomination.

i'm just a young 16-year old so i don't really remember the good ol days but you have to recognize crandell/moore, i think they were a formidable force for qutie a few years (and i'm not saying this because they both came to the roughriders!) :lol:

I can't disagree with the selection of Flutie and Pitts , they were an awesome combination and could very well win as best ever but I would have to give an honorable mention to Flutie and Supunjis. If Dave Supujis hadn't retired they could very well hold all of the stampeder records . Supunjis retired way to soon.

Peter liske in my mind may have been the best pure passer the cfl has seen.

Hey remember Joe pisarchuk

Liske and Herm Harrison....Ham hands .... very fun to watch