Greatest QB's to have played in the CFL

Hi everyone, I have been taking a few days to look over the records of the many QB's to have played in our league and drew up a list of who I felt were the best ten of all time....This list is based on college, CFL, and NFL stats when applicable. Here is my 10.

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Doug Flutie
  3. Russ Jackson
  4. Sam Etcheverry
  5. Joe Kapp
  6. Joe Theisman
  7. Jeff Garcia
  8. Deiter Brock
  9. Peter Liske
  10. Anthony Cavillo/Bernie Faloney

Ron Lancaster
Matt Dunigan
Tom Clements
Conridge Holloway
Damon Allan

Tino Sunseri :thup:

My man Kenny:

1957 Rose Bowl.
Grey Cups wins in 1958 (though not as QB),1959, 1961, 1962.
GC appearances in 1957 and 1965.
14-2 regular season in 1960 before being injured for the playoffs.

....How can you not have Ploen on the top of that list is beyond me...Record speaks for itself...He also excelled at other positions on the team as well :thup: Every time his name came up you could see T-Cat fans twitch a bit :lol:

All can also be included as top QB's in all of football.

I did consider Kenny, but if you will notice the QB's to only play in the CFL were Russ, Bernie and Anthony...In the case . Russ hooked up against NFL starters Liske, Kapp and still prevailed. Anthony out of respect for his leadership in all-time yardage in pro football. As far as Bernie I believe there was as with Jackson serious American interest in his abilities. But to your point Kenny was great there is no doubt about it.

While Warren Moon was a great QB, his CFL stats were not superlative. He was named a Western or CFL All-Star only once in his six-year CFL career. Ricky Ray has a higher QB rating than Moon, as does Travis Lulay and many other QB's. Lulay is also a better scrambler than Moon ever was.

Moon gained most of his notoriety in the NFL, which many have transferred to him being the "best ever" in the CFL. While Moon was a very good QB in the CFL, he was no Doug Flutie.

In no particular order

Tom Clements
Doug Flutie
Russ Jackson
Ron Lancaster
Matt Dunigan
Gilbert Renfroe
Reggie Slack (because he played almost his whole career injured, guy had heart and guts)
Michael Bishop
Joe Barnes
Condredge Holloway

No shortage of great QB`s, most have been already posted by others

In that same line of thought, also important to remember when we are talking stats etc

The greats from days gone by did not play 18 game schedules, some played 10, 12,14, 16 game schedules before the 18 game schedule became the norm

Always thought there should be a side note before we let old records fall by guys playing 18 game seasons

That's true argofranky, they only played 16 games in Moon's era, so the yardage stats will be inflated with 18 games. Unfortunately many of the league's stat sources don't include games played, but Moon did play 15 games his rookie season (sharing time time Tom Wilkinson) and 16 games his 2nd season.

Just for the curiosity factor and not to prove any point, here are the 1st and 2nd year starter (or shared starter) stats of some prominent CFL QB's:
MOON....1978 -- 89 - 173 - 51.4 - 1,112 -- 5 -- 7 -- 64.5
MOON....1979 - 149 - 274 - 54.3 - 2,382 - 20 - 12 - 89.7
FLUTIE...1990 - 207 - 392 - 52.8 - 2,960 - 16 - 19 - 70.9
FLUTIE...1991 - 466 - 730 - 63.8 - 6,619 - 38 - 24 - 96.7
RAY, R... 2002 - 227 - 359 - 63.2 - 2,991 - 24 -- 9 - 101.3
RAY, R... 2003 - 348 - 515 - 67.6 - 4,640 - 35 - 13 - 108.1
LULAY.... 2010 - 205 - 318 - 64.5 - 2,602 -- 9 - 11 - 84.9
LULAY.... 2011 - 342 - 583 - 58.7 - 4,815 - 32 - 11 - 95.8
REILLY....2013 - 305 - 512 - 59.6 - 4,207 - 24 - 18 - 86.9

It should be noted that Moon came to the CFL right out of college. Ricky Ray had 1 year pro experience in an Arena league, I believe (after a 49'ers tryout). Flutie played 5 years in the NFL and USFL (including starting a NFL playoff game) before coming to the CFL. Lulay had tryouts with the Seahawks (they signed him 3 times) and Saints and started one season in NFLE. Reilly was signed by 4 NFL teams and was a backup for 4 years before becoming a CFL starter.

Moon shared the QB job with another Hall of Famer for his first four seasons. He was an astounding quarterback who IMO deserves to be considered one of the top three ever in the CFL, based solely on his play in the CFL. (Others being Flutie and Jackson.)

Hands down winner
Of the other QBs who is in the NFL hall of fame???
How many grey cups did Edmonton win with moon on team ?? How many years did he play in CFL???
I vote for , hold on you might guess it… Go for the Moon simple the best.
seen him on tv a few weeks ago looked like he could still play.
Second BEST WAS Jackie Parker

Homer Eskimos fan here...

Flutie was #1. His numbers show it. All his MOPs show it. He was more capable than any other.

funny how the best is never even mentioned in any qb stats in the cfl records, for career percentages, season numbers or game numbers or anything else.

Flutie good but not even close. More numbers because he played more years in cfl with a changed game all passing. Next you'll tell me Ronnie Lancaster. Compare all moon and fluties stats in NFL. NOT even close bud.

but it is not about the nfl is it

not to mention, Moon left for the NFL still in his prime at 28 years of age, while Flutie returned to the NFL at the mature age of 36.

And if not for some dumb ideas Bills had in their head about Rob Johnson, Flutie would have had a good shot at SB from 1998 through 2000 etc

When I made this list for discussion it was worded the best QB's to have played in the CFL, not just their accomplishments in our league. If they proved that they could adapt to the NFL game then all the better. All of these QB's had stellar college careers.

Not at all sure how a Gilbert Renfroe and a Michael Bishop make your list and one Sonny Wade does not. To your credit you've given an explanation as to why Reggie Slack is on your list.