Greatest QB/Reciever connection

Well t's final, and what a list.
Which mean it's time to vote and help out our candiates. For those who haven't followed, here are all the combos:
Als: Calvio/Cahoon
Argos: Holloway/Greer
Bombers: Jones/Stegal
Cats: Mac/Flutie
Eskis: Moon/Kelly
Lions: Dewalt/Fernandez
O. Rough Riders: Jackson/tucker
S. Riders: Lancaster/Campbell
Stamps: Fluite/Pitts

Lets go and suppost D-Mac and Darren.
Vote here
BTW, check out some of the old school logos.

there are already threads on this.

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as well as in the main cfltalk forum

Don't forget to vote they gotta be making the selection soon. Personally I am voting for DMac and Flutie


Cant be a homer on this one dont get me wrong Danny and Darren were great. But my vote goes to Moon and Kelly. TCMIK

I voted for Dmac and Flutie.

My personal favorite connection is Kerrigan to Champion, they had thay throw behind fade to the corner of the end zone down to a T. That play when executed right (and it often was) was absolutely un-defendable.

If Winfield had not left to try his trade in the NFL as often early in his career as he did he could have had a lot more games played in the CFL and could have shattered a lot of records and been tops on my list.

For what it's worth I think Moon/Kelly will run away with this one.

A lot of hype but really a no brainer, Moon/Kelly is an easy winner. They were undefendable.