Greatest QB/Receiver Connections in CFL History

Looks like the league is having a promotion which involves voting on your favourite QB/receiver connection.


My question is: Can there be any doubt that it is McManus/Flutie?

I can think of some powerful combos over the years: Holloway/Greer, Flutie/Pitts, Jones/Steagall. More recently, Ray/Tucker and Dickenson/Simon.

But none of them have had the longevity or production of Danny-to-Darren. This duo spanned 9 years, 3 different teams, 4 grey Cup appearances and 2 victories, probably 8 or 9 thousand yards, and most importantly, incredible chemistry on the playing field.

Maybe Calvillo/Cahoon are getting close ... if they can play together another couple of years.


Without even looking at the list....Peter Liske and Terry Evanshen, and of-course Bernie Faloney and Hal the Pal Patterson.

In no particular order...

Danny McManus-Darren Flutie
Russ Jackson- Whit Tucker
Bernie Faloney- Hal Patterson
Peter Liske- Terry Evanshen
Ron Lancaster- Hugh Campbell

Kerrigan/Winfield (Praise Be His Name).

Sig, somehow i saw your screen name as the last post and i knew that would be your answer...

Flutie/Allen Pitts

Khari/Milt Steagal

Calvillo/Cahoon or Mac Cody

Dunigan/Wilcox and Alphin

And don't be too harsh on the goofy Argo fan that will crawl on here and says 'Bell/Mookie Mitchel'.

Tom Wilkinson-Warren Moon/Tommy Scott-Brian Kelly

Honourable Mention: Lee Saltz/Lee Knight

A close second to that would be Tom Porras/Wally Zatilny.

Sig you never disappoint me. :smiley: I'd agree with this and say that McManus/Flutie is pretty close to equal to it.


Billy Dicken-the grandma sitting in the third row, Box J... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Hee Hee,

Seriously, for the Cats, I think these duos were great (in no particular order except chronological):

Faloney-Patterson (SE)
Zuger-Coffey (SE)
Ealey-Gabriel (as a TE)
Clements-Crawford (SB) (Stapler (WR) as a deep threat)
Kerrigan-DiPietro (SB)
Earl Winfield (with whomever he played with -- same with Garney Henley, for that matter :stuck_out_tongue:)
McManus-Flutie (SB)

Honourable receiving mentions would go to the likes of Ron Howell, Tommy Grant, Keith Baker, Tony Champion, and Archie Amerson. These receivers were also impact players who deserve recognition.

Oski Wee Wee,

Billy Dicken-the grandma sitting in the third row, Box J (Good one Oski)

I was at that game, that was his only completion if I recall. Even then she was covered and had to make a leaping catch.
I think the only combination that comes close to Moon/Kelly would be McManus/Flutie because they brought their act on the road when they came here.

What a great thread! Lots of history here.

A few more of note:
Dieter Brock - Joe Poplawski
Tom Clements - James Murphy
Roy Dewalt - Mervyn Fernandez

Jason Maas - D.J. Flick is hopefully a work in progress 8)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Austin/Elgard or Narcise.

i would have to agree with flutie and mcmanus. but there is also Earl the Pearl winfield and any QB is a good statement

Sam "the rifle" Etchevery and Pal Hal Patterson....before he was traded to Hamilton

Ron Lancaster and Hugh Campbell