Greatest QB in the CFL

Three choices of who are the top Three QB All Time in the CFL

  • Warren Moon
  • Jackie Parker
  • Ricky Ray
  • Doug Flutie
  • Ron Lancaster
  • Jeff Garcia
  • Tom Wilkinson
  • Russ Jackson
  • Anthony Calvillo
  • Danny McManus
  • Henry Burris
  • Sam Etcheverry
  • Damon Allen
  • Dieter Brock
  • Ken Ploen

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So far, Grover, Hank, and I are winning :slight_smile:

This is very tough to narrow it down to 5 or 10 let alone 3.
Im glad to see Dieter Brock get recognized.
Often overlooked playing second fiddle to Warren Moon in that era. I voted for Brock. Although I in no way argue with any of them.

I would put Kent Austin and Tom Clements instead of McMannus.

Kent is mentioned a lot in cfl passing stats records

Quite a large poll with 15 names but

Tom Clements deserves to be on the poll ;

Probably a few more I missed . Tracey Ham and Matt Dunigan as well for instance .

yeah, hard list to make. Just for discussion I think I would replace McManus, Lancaster and Brock, with Clements, Austin and Dunigan.

Hate to say about my very first CFL hero, but in the end, Lancaster was more rep than stats and results. Number one for all time pro football INTs.

I would probably just add them than take them away as they all have qualities that would be worthy of someone's assessment for a career , one season , one game or or even one moment where they stood out .

Mc Manus for the quick release . Brock for that cannon arm even when he went to the NFL in his final year they said he had the strongest arm in that league as well despite his physical pain and Ronny the Little General who had strong leadership ability even though he came up short ( no pun intended ) in some big games .

The different eras are difficult too when comparing shorter careers because Jeff Garcia is more recent I still added him but left off Joe Kapp who won the CFL and NFL championship ( Lost the Super Bowl) and Tobin Rote who was here for only three years but over all had a pretty good career in the AFL/NFL .

Austin , Dunigan and Clements are worthy to be on the poll they had great careers in the CFL .

Altough Ricky Ray doesn't have the best stats, he is still the one with the most Grey Cups in history, with two teams.

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Nope...Damon Allen won 3. With EE, BC,, Toronto. Overall he won 4.

For sheer talent I would have to say Flutie at number 1 even though he was only here for seven years. Guy was magic wherever he played and could turn any broken play into a huge gain. After that I’d have to say Calvillo by his sheer passing numbers alone - master of the quick release, very hard to defend, deadly accurate. I would peg Dunigan third even though he isn’t mentioned, with Damon Allen close behind.

Lots of great names there, had some played longer I think they would merit stronger consideration (Garcia, Moon). If I had actually seen Jackie Parker play I might have been swayed his way - harder to judge the older quarterbacks, the rule makers weren’t on their side the way the defensive holding and pass interference tip the balance for offence nowadays. Not to mention the running game was so much more prominent in the 50s 60s and 70s.

Just thought I would go through and say why I did and did not vote for those on the list.

No intent to judge anyone else's choices.

I voted for:

Flutie, thought he would be unanimous top 3 but always number 1 to me.

Moon, a most exciting and effective player, even if he did play for EE.

Jackson, just barely remember him. The best of his day I think.

The rest:

AC. Does not surprise me that he is top four. Probably deserves to be there. I did not pick him because he was not my fav kind of QB. Also because he played mostly for a team I did not cheer at all for.

RR. Deserves consideration but again, not my favorite kind of QB.

DA. I know he has good career stats, but not that good seasonal stats. The only times he is mentioned in cfl records is for career totals. Not for career completions PCT or Passer Rating tho. I just never could get on his bandwagon.

JP. Great all round player. Not very good QB stats. If he only played QB, he might even not be remembered.

RL. as mentioned in previous post.

DB. just plain never liked him. I usually forget he ever played.

HB. One of my all time fav CFL QBs. Would have like to pick him, a couple of others were just more deserving, IMO.

SE. Don't think I ever watched him. Not surprised someone would vote for him

DM. Never was on his bandwagon. Never did much without Darren. Too many ints.

JG. A little underappreciated I think. I never gave him as much thought as I think he deserves. Did very well in CFL and pretty good in NFL. Wouldn't make my top 4, but probably top 10.

KP. Just don't remember enough about him. I can see bomber fan voting for him.

TW. Too many better EE QBs

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I always liked Wilkie in Edmonton he was one of those likeable underdog guys who prospered under the system .

What's crazy about Brock he went to the NFL Rams at the end of his career for one season. Which after he retired.
In that one season he led the Rams to the NFC championship game

is being sacked 51 times for 351 yards in 15 games a record?

Actually, upon a little research, I discovered that Brock was only 5th in sacks that year with the most being 62.

But I must be totally lying....right P :slight_smile:

wait a minute, I use an ly so I must be lying about lying. :innocent: :woozy_face: :confused: :blush:

Help me P, I am psyching myself out. aaahhhhhhhhhhh

Ploen was the best Bomber qb. ever...His versatility as a db. and quarterback for the Bud Grant Cup winners in the early sixties most likely won't be matched....Most intelligent football savvy of the bunch as well

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Joe Zuger was another multi position player,
He played QB, DB and punter in his career for the Ticats
Played in 5 Grey Cups, winning 3 and was named the 1967 Grey Cup MVP
He also later served as Ticats GM for over a decade

Unbelievably, He still has not been named to the HoF. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You sold me. Can't argue with that too 3. A lot to me is guys who have been retired for a substantial period of time. Just like being inducted into the hall of fame.
And yes A.C. is getting close to that. Nipping on the current top 3 heals

Didn't see any of your names on the ballot :wink:

at the time of my posting, we three were the only ones to have voted for the top 3 vote getters. Since then, AC has moved up