Greatest plays

With all the great plays to choose from I'm concerned that the greatest of them all is going to be overlooked by voters. I mean of coures Bill Munsies fumble return for a TD in the 64 Grey Cup. Ive followed the Lions all my life, (Quarter Back Club rookie year 1958), and I can tell you in all those years nothing else has come close. If you were around then and can remeber the feeling, our first ever GC victory, so what they forgot the cup in the hotel, Bill Muncie could have run for mayor and been a shoo-in. The man was playing both ways, offence and defence. But that one fumble recovery has to be the greatest play ever. That was when we knew we were champions. What a team, what a game and what a play. So please don't overlook this when you vote.

I also grew up with the bc lions back then they were the only game in town and as a young kid i idolized the lions
Although i dont remember the play with muncie your talking about i remember the name, along with kapp,fleming fieldgate and others.
I also was a proud member of the woodward's quarterback club with my patch sewn to my jacket sitting in the north stands of empire stadium...........those were the days.
as i live now in southern ontario dont get to many home games but will be in toronto for the game on the 28th of june and possibly hamilton in the fall...go lions go Dont really have a greatest play but when the lions win there all great

How about the botch fg attempt…'64 grey cup, and Pete Ohler (back up QB to Kapp, and holder) through it into the end zone for a TD! Just can’t remember who he through it to?

4ever,'s there. My choices are not even there. How about taking the plays on there own merit, and not what the plays implications ended up being?
My fav. happened when I was a kid. All I can recall was BC vs Edmt. in a game BC lost. But where the BC defence won a turnover on an Edmt. TD convert, and took it back in formation for a score. Controversially only getting a 1 point, not a full 6. The excuse was that it was a conversion play.
Second fav. was my step-brothers room-mate Nick Hebler on the defesive team, coming just shy of a defensive TD by a single yard after a sack-causing fumble.

Bill Munsey's fumble recovery for a TD in the '64 Cup was huge. Have to note that the poor guy's name is often misspelled. He did have a nephew who went by Chuck Muncie who had a great college career as a running back and an injury-shortened NFL career.

Also, Ohler threw to Jim Carphin, who is a long-time Vancouver lawyer.