Now that we are going through the exercize of selecting the Top 50 players of all-time (albeit without fan input), I would like to know who people would pick as there top players ever. I know it is difficult to look beyond your own era but please try.

My picks:

Offense - Kenny Ploen, Heisman finalist, played in Rose Bowl and Grey Cup in same year, scored winning TD in only Grey Cup decided in overtime. Although not an offensive attribute, Ploen was also selected all-star at defensive back.

Defense - Dan Kepley, simply the best ever on the D side of the ball.

Only Grey Cup decided in overtime, at that time!

Cookie Gilchrist...did it all...played "O" and "D" and excelled. Place-kicked, punted and kicked field goals!

Played every position but QB.... "and I would have done that too if I could have handed off or passed to myself", said Cookie!

Yea, yea ...I hear you! Sorry, but I miss seeing punishing big FB's that can plow thru the "D" and knock them down and score TDs. We may never see another like him!

this isnt about being able to play more than one position.

There has never been anyone to the equal of Doug Flutie who we were lucky to have even seen in our league.

OK my short term memory isn't that good, it has been almost 11 months ago after all.

There can be no denying Fluties greatness but I still stand by my choice. Ploen was the Flutie of his day and did not have the supporting cast Flutie enjoyed in all his CFL stops. I would have to reach pretty deep to find a flaw in either player but Doug did have some difficulty playing in extreme cold.

If I were to pick the best player in the last 25 years, Flutie wins hands down.

Remember that in the late 50's and early 60's many of the top U.S. college players chose to go to the CFL because they were actually paying more money in Canada at that time. eg. Jackie Parker, Joe Kapp, etc.

Lou Passaglia

Warren Moon

Gizmo Williams

Defense...hmmm...gotta think about that for a bit...

Troy Westwood hands down!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

Turkey, you disappoint me, I would have expected better than that!


Doug Flutie on offense for sure... on D.. I don't know, I can't really think of anybody who singlehandedly dominated the game on the defensive side of the ball... but then again, the CFL is an offense first league. So it's gonna be a lot harder to dominate even if you are really really good.

James west on D, or Less Browne, or James Parker.

Good choices with James West and "Quick" Parker.

On offence I would take George Reed, and not just because he was a Rider. He is one the greatest backs that this league has ever seen. Flutie would also be a good pick, but how about Joe Poplawski at slotback. This guy was a sure handed receiver and rarely dropped the ball.

On defence, my pick would be Larry Wruck at linebacker, Grover Covington on the defensive line and Rod Hill at defensive back.

Offense - Doug Flutie ...honorable mention Jackie Parker

Defense - Dan Kepley..yes yes yes..Honourable mention
Carl Cornell

Very tough because of the different era's.
I think the over all calibre of play today is better then ever because of the improvement of the Canadian talent. However we may never see again the dominant #1 draft picks that came up here in the 50's and 60's.

Bud Grant said Leo Lewis was the best, that's good enough for me.
Honorable mention - Hal Patterson - Doug Flutie - Johnny Rogers

Have to go with Wayne "Thumper" Harris
Honorable mention - John Barrow - Tom Brown - Tom Cousineau

Offence. 1.Hal Patterson 2.Doug Flutie 3.Russ Jackson

Defence 1.Dan Kepley 2.Dickie Harris 3. Larry Highbaugh

I was going to pick Sonny wade, but even Sonny Wade doesn't agree, so....

Two sides of the same coin. George Reed and the guy who had to stop George reed, Wayne Harris.
George Reed is the second best RB ever, after only Walter Payton.
And if Wayne Harris could stop him, that is good enough for me.
I'll just throw out a few oldtimers that people could/should consider as alternatives. Sam Etcheverry, Jackie Parker, Johnny Bright on offense.
I like the Ken Ploen pick. How about Tobin Rote?
On defence, I won't go back quite as far.
John Helton, Ron Atchison, Danny Bass.
Modern era, at QB, Warren Moon.
Best wide receiver, Don Narcisse.
Best slot, Alan Pitts.

lol. Yeah, I struggled with the Sonny Wade thing. He was my football hero growing up.

There was another defensive player I've seen highlights of, and have been told was great.
I know his first name was Dick (Tricky Dicky?) and he played with Winnipeg and then Toronto.
I can't for the life of me remember his last name. Maybe someone else will.

Mike Pringle or Tracy Ham for offense.

Dave Donaldson or Kyries Hebert for Defense.

"Tricky" Dick Thornton.