Greatest Play in BC Lions History Contest

Final Release (2007/42)
April 30, 2007

(Vancouver) Perhaps it’s Darren Flutie’s game-winning touchdown catch versus the Calgary Stampeders in the 1994 West Division Championship. Maybe it’s Pete Ohler to Jim Carphin for an eight-yard TD pass off a fumbled field goal attempt helping to turn potential disaster into a solid 20-1 first half edge in the Lions’ first-ever Grey Cup win in 1964. Is it the Lions’ defence stopping Montreal's 2-point convert attempt late in the game to preserve a 28-26 Grey Cup win in 2000? Maybe it’s Javier Glatt’s forced fumble late in last season’s championship win, or is it Lui Passaglia’s game winning field goal in the 1994 Grey Cup?

Whatever the year and whatever the play, Leos fans will have their say as they nominate and ultimately vote on the Lions’ all-time greatest play starting Tuesday, May 1st on

“For more than 53 years, Lions football has been part of the sporting fabric of this great province and there are dozens and dozens of plays that have marked the club’s place in CFL history,? said Lions’ president and CEO, Bob Ackles. “Narrowing the field to just one play will be a fun and unique way for generations of Lions fans to come together.?

Beginning May 1st, fans can log onto to submit their all-time greatest play and then discuss their nominations through the Forums area under Fanzone. The nomination phase will close on Monday, May 21st.

Voting begins Monday, June 4th with clips of the top nominated plays available for viewing on Fans can then vote for their all-time play until Monday, June 25th with the winning play to be featured on and announced during the TEAM 1040’s radio broadcast of Lions’ first regular season game in Toronto on June 28th.

All valid entries to the club’s initial selection process in May will be automatically entered to win a game experience package including tickets to the club’s home opener versus Edmonton on July 6th and pre-game sideline passes.

I can think of a few to talk about...What about you?

Having followed this team since the mid-70s, I would have to say Flutie's catch in the ’94 Western Final would have to top my list. Even though that's the play everyone remembers, the catch before that was simply outstanding and put the Lions in position to win the game.

As good as Lui was over the years, O'Mahony's game tying 47-yard FG with no time left in the 2004 Western Final was about as clutch as it gets and would also rank high on my list. I wonder how many of the 55,000 at the dome thought he would make it? I didn't. :lol:

There are also have been some great regular season finishes that stand out for me:
•Wynn to Simon to beat the Riders in ’04.
•Flutie's hail mary to Ray Alexander to tie the Stamps in 1990.
•Joe Paopao to Jim Young with no time left to somehow beat the Stamps at Empire in 1979.

ray alexander's blocked field goal late in the '94 final is my fav. without that there would be no mcmanus flutie heroics!

Willie Flemings touchdown run in the 1964 Grey Cup game. It was sweet redemption for the cheap shot Mosca gave him in the 63 GC. Garney Henley is still looking for the Wisp

glatt fumble in last year grey cup my pick

Good selection of special moments in BC Lions history. Most memorable might be a tossup between either Passaglia's grey cup winning kick or Flutie's touchdown to win Western final. In the eyes of B.C. fans, they were magical moments.

I go 'way back to the 1963 season (October 12 to be precise), when Neal Beaumont set a professional football (not just CFL) record when he returned an interception 120 yards for a touchdown against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. My friends and I were watching the game from the Woodwards Quarterback Club (i.e.: cheap seats for kids) in the north end zone, trying to stay warm if not dry near the end of the game, when #27 intercepted the ball right in front of us and took off, weaving his way behind his blockers all the way to the far end of the field - unbelievable! I'll never forget it. :thup:

2002: my second ever Lions game vs the Alouettes: Damon Allen to Alfred Jackson TOUCHDOWN!

Though I'm not a B.C. Lions fan, I'd have to say that the Alexander block and the Final Drive (McManus to Flutie) to go the '94 Grey Cup was one of the best finishes to a game in the history of the CFL.

I would go with the Passaglia kick because of its symbolic value. Baltimore, having no import restriction, was supposed to run rampant.
The Canadian boy booted 'em in the butt.

I'd have to go with Charlie Gordon in the 1994 West Semi-Final. With 3 minutes left a touchdown by Edmonton would have iced the game, and for Gordon to come up with that interception was huge.
Without this play the Lions magical run in '94 would have never resulted as well as two other nominated plays (Mcmanus to Flutie in West Final, and Lui's field goal to win the Grey Cup that same year)