Greatest idea ever...

There has been a lot of talk about changes to be made regarding the CFL game. I think I found "The one".

I was listening to CKAC, a Montreal radio station with great sports programs, and a commentator made a suggestion...

At first I thought "What??". And that will also probably be your reaction. But then, thinking about it for a few minutes, it just made perfect sense.

Here goes : The field stays the same size but goes from 110 yards to 100 meters. That's right : CFL goes metric.

The game wouldn't change much. First downs would be 10 meters (about 11 yards), but to change the unit of measurement would solidify the fact that the CFL is its own game and not a CFL sub-league. :cowboy:

I know, now you're saying "What?? Football is played in yards, not meters". Yes, of course. But why not change it, make it more Canadian and solidify the CFL identity. The CFL game, is a full grown game that doesn't envy any other league or game. :wink:

And, by the way, the Als are just crushing the Bloats... 7-0 baby! :rockin:

I dont see the point though. Its fine the way it is.

It was talked about years about but 10 meters for a first down would mean a extra yard required.

I know that, it was in my post. I want to know if you're for it or against it, roro1313... :thup:

Oh sorry!

I a cool idea, I had it on my list for things I'd like to see the CFL do, but I can't say I'm all for it.

if the league did it, I wouldn't be agaist it, but until they do, I'm fine with the way it is. So sry, no support from KK.

KK is against an idea that is not his!
Who woulda thunk it?

what's you point Ro?

Well, coming from a guy who grades temperature in Farenheit, it's a pretty positive comment... 8)

Isn't it time we completely let go of that obsolete imperial system and leave the USA alone to dwell in it? :cowboy:

Im not completely against it but how do you compensate for the extra yard for a first down? Then if all the other dimensions are kept like 110 yards to 110 meters + 20 meter endzones......that makes the field 15 yards longer and 6 yards wider. There are a few stadiums where it wont fit!

I dont like change.

unless it is my own idea :lol:

The info is in my first post. Field keeps original size, 110 yards = 100 meters. You have to get one less first down to cover the field. :smiley:

one less first down? doesn't that mean the field is getting smaller?

the other thing I'm worried about is how you will mark the field, I love the 00 10 20 30 35 40 50 C 50 40 35 30 20 10 00 thing, I'd hate to see that change.

It would just be 00 10 20 30 40 C(50)C 40 30 20 10 00

The center at 50 meters instead of at 55 yards. Not too shabby... :smiley:

Just when you thought you heard the stupidiest topic and then this one comes in. YEs it just goes to show you we all share in stupidity! Right Ro! :lol:

it would look more like the NFL field, even tho it wouldnt be. That is one reason to Nay it.

Maybe we should make up our own CFL measurements.

Lets see..the lenght of four footballs equals one FYB. 10 FYBs equal first down.....

Works for me :rockin:

oh man, now I hate the idea! that's SO NFL!!!
unless you put C instead of 50, but then, where are you going to mark where teams start from during OT if it moves to the 50 yard lines?

sry mate, it's a cool idea to think about, but not too do. :thdn:

you left something out.

how long are the end zones?

How about orange fields with lime green stripes! Thats it! GO for it Kanga!