Greatest Grey Cups #2

#1: 1989 - 39%

2009: "The 13th Man" Montreal beats Saskatchewan 28-27

1976: "The Catch" Ottawa beats Saskatchewan 23-20

1962: "The Fog Bowl" Winnipeg beats Hamilton 28-27

1994: "Canada vs USA" BC beats Baltimore 26-23

1987: "Gizmo's Return" Edmonton beats Toronto 38-36

1996: "The Snow Bowl" Toronto beats Edmonton 43-37

1954: "The Fumble" Edmonton beats Toronto 26-25

2005: "Double Overtime" Edmonton beats Montreal 38-35

1961: "Overtime" Winnipeg beats Hamilton 21-14

1972: "Fleming's Interception"

I picked 1996 this time. I can't believe you still don't have 1982 or 1988 but the Post included 2009? Boring game. First 3 quarter were average to dull football. If not for the 13th man penalty no one outside Saskatchewan would talk about this game.

Once again, I question the "random" order of the choices. The list would appear to give the impression that this is the chosen selection order or maybe they list all Saskatchewan games at the top to make it easier for Rider fans to find.

Not to rain on your parade but it appears the way the poll is conducted that the order of finish is predetermined and as a result, it is no surprise that the first on the list, ends up first in the poll. Not to mention the Rider fans passion for winning polls. You could ask the question, who is the best team in the CFL this year and it would likely be won handily by the Riders.

First on my list won the National Post poll. The order was based on that. I never said it was random (other than maybe which semi-finalist in the Post poll gets listed first)

So, seeing as this only got 6 votes (and only a third that the last had) I don't really think it is worth continuing