Greatest Grey Cup Game Ever Played

Great writeup here on the 77th GC, between the Tabbies and the 'Riders, arguing it may have been the best Cup game ever. hard to argue. I hadn't thought of Mike Kerrigan and Al Bruno in years.


Günter Schabowski, a mid-level East German bureaucrat tasked with releasing official information regarding changes in border policy, instead told a room of reporters, and thus all of Germany, and so all of the world, that the border was open. The people took him at his word, and the Berlin Wall fell, the first domino in the chain that would eventually see the virtual end of the co-dominant political ideology of the twentieth century. A few weeks after that, while the newly unified Germans and Tom Brokaw all nursed killer hangovers, they played the 77th Grey Cup at the brand-new SkyDome in Toronto, and it turned out to be one of the best football games ever played.

Not having seen all 100 games, I can't say the 77th was the greatest ever. It was however the greatest game that I ever attended.

I very much enjoyed this. Thanks very much!

It seems highly unlikely that there is anybody still alive who was at the first one. For that matter, there are probably few who remember any before 1948, and Judging by the low scores of the most of the ancient era Grey Cups it not inconceivable that the 77th really was The Classic.

Great read, thanks casey. Although the writer didn't predict the future that well, Calgarians "only" got to ride the horse through a bank today, not a hotel. :wink:

Well, as it turned out the writer was correct and predicted the future, the Royal York did allow the horse it. Good on them there at the RY for allowing it.

Not true. I was there. So was Paul Dojack. He was reffing. Good game even if it was a bit cold. My raccoon coat kept me warm though. But man oh man, did Dojack ever blow that holding call on Smirle Lawson's 50-yard run into the end zone in the fourth quarter. So obvious. Every one of us 3,807 fans at Rosedale Field watched ol' Hughie Gall put the grab on the Parkdale guy behind the line of scrimmage, springing Lawson open for the big run to end the game. I'm not saying Dojack's call (or lack of one) cost Parkdale the game, but he was just so inconsistent with his calls. Grrr.. still makes me mad.

The only thing preventing it from being the greatest is that the wrong team won. :frowning:

and if shields had not got injured, I think the ticats would have won.

After a slow first quarter it was back and forth for the rest of the game. I had just graduated from recruit school at Thanksgiving and was sent on a year long french course in St Jean. About a dozen of us watched the game in the mess. I was cheering for the Riders because I'm an Argo fan so I hate the Cats and a couple of my friends there were Ti Cats fans. Never forget Champions catch to tie it at 40. Best catch I've ever seen CFL or NFL.

My top 10 might move around a bit but this game is always #1.

Hey I was nearby, we watched it at the old base at Longue Point which was the training centre for the guys going to the Golan Heights. I guess you never forget where you were when something special happened.

I was at the 86 Grey Cup in Montreal which was forgetable

Raccoon coat? Wow, I couldn't afford one of those newfangled automobile coats. Shame how the young folk cut them down and made them a fad in the twenties... Wasn't it?

I was 5 years old when this game was played, and I still remember being parked on the couch with my Dad watching it. The details are a bit fuzzy, but I do still remember watching it.

I was at the 89 GC. It has to be one of the best games ever, let alone GC. I'm not a fan of either team, but I found myself cheering for both !

I watched this game at a Grey Cup party in Calgary. And I was one of only two Ticat fans in the room. Everyone else was cheering for the Riders. An absolutely amazing game; too bad the wrong team won, of course. (Have never forgiven the officials for a couple of bad PI calls / non-calls that cost us the game. Even the Rider fans in the room that day admitted one of them was the wrong call. :x )

I think the 87 Grey cup was the best. Just as much drama, Dunnigan getting knocked out, Allen coming in, Gizmo fg return for a TD and Jerry Kauric , who was a punter by trade kicks a 47 yard game winner. No chip shot like Ridgeway had.

And five lead changes in the fourth quarter alone. An amazing game, and at a time when the CFL needed a great game more than ever as the league was really at its low ebb in 1987 -- Als folded, and Ottawa and (believe it or not) Sask were really struggling financially.

I feel your pain, I am the same with regard to the 1996 game. The officials were so intimidated by Flutie, nothing was getting called against Toronto. On one play in particular when Toronto was behind, Flutie completed a pass when he was about 3 yards passed the LOC to sustain the drive. The official reached for his flag and I swear Flutie glared at him and he took his hand away. Toronto was on the verge of bankruptsy at the time due to how much they were paying Flutie, I don't think there was any way that the CFL was going to let the Argo's lose. :cowboy: I think Ron Lancaster nearly had a heart attack during that game.

I was born in 1978, and can remember cups from 1987 to present.

My top three would be

1987 Eskies- Argos
First one I can remember, also like Mr. Harper I was a very sad kid, after outcome.

1991 Argos-Stamps
The Rocket, Hollywood North, the first Argo GC win I can remember, it was amazing. The game follow the most exciting atmosphere ever in the Skydome (Rogers centre) in the East Final, until this Sunday of course.

1996 Argos-Eskies
It had everything in it saftey, kick return, Punt Return, INT Return, Flutie, snow, Two great coaches, winning the GC in the Hammer!!

yes I am bias but I did throw in an Argo loss.

My heart bleeds for you VoR, but fact is the Argos were the better team and deserved to be Grey Cup champs. I'm surprised you didn't mention the fumble.....err, I mean incomplete pass :lol: that led to the game clinching TD. :wink:

Poor Jake Ireland, he still has nightmares about that call I hear.