Greatest Flash in The Pan

The Citadel was not a football factory?

Zach Collaros.

Jason Maas Radar ears!

For us…

Doyle Orange.

De’Andra Cobb (still have my corn head)

Billy Dicken (really limited run as a flash)

Reading these responses…

I always thought a flash in the pan was someone who was really good, for a short period of time, then faded off into the sunset.

Some are mentioning players that came with promise and didn’t meet expectations. Guys like Tim Rosenbach…

Hardly flashes.

Craig Yeast and Johnny Shepherd should not be on this list. Both were great players in Hamilton. Shepherd was a hell of a running back. When I was a kid, I got a Shepherd #19 Ticat Jersey.

No one has mentioned Chris Brazzell. He stunk in Hamilton. I remember him getting mercilessly booed at Ivor Wynne every time he dropped a pass.

But like a lot of other players mentioned as duds, maybe he stunk because the team around him/management running the team stunk at the time, too.

Brazzell definitely. Tony Akin as well.

First player that came to mind was DeAndre’ Cobb. Amazing in his first start, and really good the rest of the year. Next year he just didn’t seem to have the same speed.

Also Chevy Walker. Touchdown the first time he touched the ball, had a few great plays after that, but never again matched that initial success with us or with Ottawa.

Some of the flashes FLASHED before they arrived in Hamilton. Maybe even as University players.
Abdul Kanneh ,Corey Holmes andKenton Keith are three others that were not good fr Hamilton with strong resumes

Can anyone remind me what Charlton Keith’s claim to fame was? All I can remember was he was lights out for a game or two and then never heard from again.

i was thinking of him too but a very short run. He didn’t look strong or fast but had a few right place right time sacks

Joe Paopao

Scott Collie.

Scott Mitchell.

Kenton keith?

Had one or two impact games filling in for Cheatwood.iirc. Assuming he was like just about everyone else on that defense was prone to taking major penalties at worst possible time.
Taaffe ran an insanely lax bench if penalties are a measure.

The irony about Taaffe is he coached at a military school...

All that was missing was a Hawaiian shirt and pukka shells.

Benching Dwight Anderson mid- game was the only cross word he had with anyone the whole time he was here.

Pretty sure he kept his salary though.

Could have been a good coach or even good enough. We’ll never know.
Handed chicken shiite and told to make chicken salad.