Greatest Flash in The Pan

This one is a little out there, but today for some reason Khalil Hill came to my mind. I thought this guy was going to turn the Ticats around about 10 or so years ago, I seem to remember him making a bunch of big plays looking unstoppable on a very bad Cats team. This got me thinking, which players came in and got you all excited, only to disappear as fast as they came?

I wil go with Jesse Lunsden. He was on top of the workd for a very short time. Chuck Ealey and Mike Kerrigan and Obie Graves and Johnny Sheppard also come to mind

So many options in the CFL. I’ll go with Prechae Rodriguez from 2009. Tall wide reciever that came up with some big catches. Not sure what happened with him.

Good call, I got his jersey for Christmas only to have him traded a couple weeks later. Seemed like the Cats offense that year was nothing but hitch passes and Quinton Porter underthrowing Prechae on deep balls with Rodriguez just jumping back to get them. I thought he’d be around for a long time.

Will Hill

Casey Printers has to be right up there

“You better get your popcorn ready,? he said. “This is an exciting game and I think my abilities are as such as that I like to be exciting and break tackles, run over here and run over there and throw downfield and do all those great things fans like to see.
“Hopefully, those things are accepted in this community and we can win some games. That’s what I’m all about.?

Of course GM Marcel Desjardins signed him

Kevin Eakin
Richie Williams
Timmy Chang

All were the future and apparently mismanaged by the club.

Brian Tyms called…

Lol TIM Rosenbach was gonna save the team forget what year but i know we didnt do nothing

That would be 1994 and YES Tim Rosenbach was absolutely awful that season .

Speaking of quarterbacks who were a flash in the pan i'd be remiss if I didn't mention one Don McPherson who ironically was Rosenbach's predecessor and was equally as dreadful as our QB in the "93" season . :-[

when MK retired, he was the all time leading passer in ticats history. More than a flash in the pan to me.

Don’t know if Williams had a nickname on this board but we had Freakin’ Eakin and the Chang gang.

Half a million a year salary!

  1. Wow, don’t knock Marcel Desjardins for screwing up in Hamilton !!

If we had kept him, we probably would have won at least 2-3 Grey Cups in the meantime !!

He obviously is a great GM, considering what he has now done in Ottawa !!

If I remember, everyone here was up in arms because he cut, or traded a receiver named DJ Flick
who didn’t play much longer after that in the CFL.

I know one thing, I would love to have him back here again !!

Nautyn McKay-Loescher. 11 sacks 2007 as a National. 2 in 2008 and released.

Nick Setta lead the league in points as a rookie.

Big excitment for #1 draft picks Chris Bauman and Dylan Barker.

DeAndra Cobb 2-1000 yard rushing seasons and gone. Don’t remember what happened to him. He was obviously successful but i remember him as being very tentative hitting holes. He would rip off a 50 yard rush and have 20 carries for 30 yards the rest of the day.

I was pumped for Stevie Baggs when he came to town off a 12 sack season and he never had a season of more than 5 sacks otherwise. He had a very distinctive gait for those who remember him.

Travis Clairidge - gone too soon.
Craig “Alligator Arms” Yeast.
Demetrius Breedlove.

Marquay McDaniel (this year)…

DJ didn't play much longer in the CFL because he destroyed his knee in a pretty bad injury. Doesn't validate the terrible trade for Rocky Butler.

Marcel didn't believe in paying import receivers.... So he went to Ottawa and paid Ellingson as one of the highest paid receivers in the league at 210k per year.

He clearly learned from his atrocious mistakes here, and has changed his ways in Ottawa .

"Would've won 2-3 Grey Cups". The would've Grey Cups get handed out like candy around this place.

For a list of Marcel's today's accomplishments including the "import receivers are a dime a dozen" quote please click below.

Desjardins was told to get a deal for Printers. Was ready to sign with MTL which drive his price up.

Desjardins and Charlie Taffee should also get mention in this thread for being flash in the pans in their own right.

Outside the box thinking which immediately preceded them resulted in panic hiring. MTL is good we should hire Desjardins, Taaffe was good we should hire him…

Never mind the fact the team had no quality football ops in place and US scouting basically consisted of Taaffes rolodex from University of Maryland.

Guaranteed to fail, which they did , which resulted in panic trades and inflated signings.

First 4-5 years of Youngs ownership was a lesson on how not to rebuild a franchise.