Greatest Defection' From the Argos

Since we talk about most Painfull Loss of Player to Toronto .

Lets talk about Defections of Players to Hamilton From Hogtown.

Tiggle or Mike have to be it
They help win us a Grey cup .

I hoping the Tackle we got dose the same.

Oh why not…

I have a most painful defection TO Hamilton.

I don’t remember the year but I had my kids at the game and we’re joking around about the Argos new linebacker and his rather ‘funny’ name. Tiggle, wiggle, giggle… my kids (then pretty young) and I had fun all night.

Next year, he’s our starter and O’Shea is gone.
I had to ‘eat some crow’.

Without a doubt Calvin Tiggle. He's the best MLB we've had since Ben.

No doubt and we haven't properly replaced him yet.

Are you guy's crazy .. the best defector by far is Lesley Stewart !!!

MEOW !!!

The best that I can remember was Bobby Kuntz.
He was hard as nails and could play both ways.
The big plus was he is Canadian.