Greatest cup choke

Sorry stamps but the riders too many men still holds down the #1 spot although this ranks a close second. Other than those 2 games any other last play gaffs in this category?

Anthony Calvillo's double pass in OT against Edmonton to push the Als out of FG range and cost Montreal the Cup.

I rank that gaffe behind the Riders inability to count but miles ahead of this game. AC's gaffe is alone at #2. A veteran QB should know to eat the ball and not throw a 2nd pass on the same play.

These past two chokes have to be up there. Calgary was heavily favoured in both games and still managed to lose.

Stop it already! You have a hate boner for Calvillo. It was an incomplete pass, plus a penalty. Yes it hurt, but it was a split second reaction during the game.

On that same drive, Eskimo HC Maciocia, aka dumb ass, thought the game was over and danced like an idiot running onto the field, on second down…

Why did he not get a bench penalty? 100 times worse than what Calvillo did!

But it didn’t cause them to lose. Calvillo was a premier QB in the league when he made a gaffe that no pro QB should and it cost his team the game. Not as bad as Riders counting skills (I doubt anything will top that) but worthy of the 2nd worst.

Even though its not for a Grey Cup, #2 has to be Pete Carroll's decision to pass rather than have Lynch run for the TD in SBXLIX.

Not really fair. What cost the Als that game was a play late in the 4th quarter. The Alouettes were leading. The Eskimos had a 3rd and 23 (or possibly a 3rd and 26, this is from memory). The Als prevent Edmonton from getting a first down, the Als get the ball on turnovers, and run out the clock for the win.

Mookie Mitchell outruns safety Mathieu Proulx, and Ray connects with him for a first down. The Eskimos would then score and push the game to overtime. That game should have never gone to overtime! FFS, The Als’ defense should have gotten the stop. That loss made Johnny sick!

Brandon Banks kick return for a game winning touchdown being called back, costing Hamilton the Grey Cup in 2014. All due to an illegal block on a player who wouldn’t have been in a position to make a play regardless. Then to rub salt in the wound, the player who suffered the illegal block later admitted to hitting the turf when he felt someone put his hand on his back.

Agreed. I don’t think anyone or any team can wrestle this dubious honour away from us!

In terms of choking, I’d put the Falcons in last years Super Bowl ahead of the Seahawks. Both were enormous failures though.

I pointed that out in another thread and they all laughed at me.

I am sticking with my argument though. The Stamps won a Grey Cup in 2014 on the strength of a flop, and as a result the football gods have made sure that they have not won another won. Football is a game for grown men, not little girls or soccer players.

We were at that game and it was a travesty that the TiCats lost. Officials were solely to blame.

The ‘fall’ definitely was one of soccer level theatrics. The whole stadium saw it.

We could make a very impressive list of Saskatchewan post-season chokes!

1976 - letting Tony G get WIDE OPEN in the endzone!
1992 - Dave Ridgeway: “the Slip” in the West semi.
2004 - Paul Mcallum’s duff on the OT field goal in the West Final
2009 - Too. Many. Men.
2010 - Grey Cup - PI called on a late Int. that could have won the game…

The TD attempt late in this year’s Cup was a good idea, they had time for it, but the play was telegraphed, and thrown into double-coverage…bad, but not the worst choke-job ever…

All memorable moments, and not in such a good way, lol.

Your missing the main reason Riders ultimately succumed in 2010. Riders were at Riders 50 with about a minute and a half left, second down, down by 3, Durant completes a 9 yarder to someone but Fantuz was offside. Then, second and 20, a couple desperation deep balls that one was ultimately picked off I think. That one was on Fantuz IMO.

I don’t think a “choke? has to be a single play. I think it’s more epic when it’s a multi-stage collapse that plays out over a period of time. Like last year’s big Super Bowl comeback.