Greatest combinatio VOTE...

Just wondering who everyone is voting for.

I'm a Hamilton fan but I voted Flutie/Pitts, back in the day they were unstopable together, except in cold weather. The Danny Mchamburglar/Flutie combo is overrated in my opinion, I would have voted for the Dillon, Pacpherson, Saltz, Rosenbaugh, Poras, Dunigan, Allen, Calvillo, Taylor, etc/Earl Winfield combo though.

who did you vote for in the Make a Connection Contest?

I think that in all reality, Pitts and Flutie, played at a time where football was revolutionized, to what it looks like today! With their 6 pack offense and Pitts doing his search patterns, looking for the open spot on the field! Only Flutie and Pitts (along with the other receivers there) could have made all this work so well!

The other choices, the only one that probably could truly match up to it was Moon/Kelly... but I can't see any others really standing up.

The Moon/Kelly combo connected for 11 000 yards in five years and won the Grey Cup each time.

I don't see how that can be beaten. I like many other duos, but that, in my mind, is legendary.

Because back then there were 2 weak teams in the west, Calgary and Saskatchewan. The Esks were an automatic for making the playoffs..

If you look back at the standings from 77-82, you will see the Riders and Stamps both sucked royally over and over and over.. for many many years...

So the Esks really didn't have too much of a challenge in their own Division.

The Danny Mchamburglar/Flutie combo is overrated in my opinion,
based on what? They did it on three different teams. That speaks volumes. how do you over rate that?

I have been a doug flutie fanatic for 25 yrs, give or take.

My head says darren and danny, but my heart overruled and I just could not not vote for Doug, my all time favorite player.

They weren't all that explosive, they were never dominant the way, Steagal/Jones, Moon/Kelly, Flutie/Pitts was. Flutie never raked up the yardage the others have.

I rate them

McManus/Flutie - excelled on 3 diff teams
Moon/Kelly - balanced, both great, lot of yrs
Flutie/Pitts - balanced, both great, only 3 yrs
Lancaster/Campbell - in a time when the run with Reed ruled.
Holloway/Greer - more exciting than CC
Calvillo/Cahoon - both good but not great
Jackson/Tucker - never saw them in person
Dewalt/Fernandez - Fernadez made Dewalt look good
Jones/Stegall - Stegall made Jones look good

The great thing about that list is Montreal still has its two players on the roster.

But prior to having his record broken by Vaughn a month ago, Flutie was the receiver with the most catches in league history. Doesn't that speak volumes?

What Darren and Danny did in the cup run in 94 has not been equalled by anyone.

3rd place team. goes into calgary in the snow, to come from behind with two clutch catches with the snow still falling pretty good, to beat dougpitts combo team. Not to mention going into edmonton and performing there, then beating the all american Stallions for the cup. That alone speaks volumes, yet, they were not done. NO, they were just getting started.

Do you ever quit, third???

Yes it does, also, Vaughn has never been a go to guy where ever he's been. Also, Allen will be pro footballs all time passer, but I wouldn't even rank him as a top 5 q.b all time in this league, just like I wouldn't rank Flutie or T.V as a top 5 receiver either.

Flutie/Pitts by three touchdowns.

its not about how you would rank each player individually, Thats just it. Together they overacheived. As a combo they excelled. Doug Flutie, Warren Moon, Merven Fernandez, Brian Kelly, Pitts, etc, they all did well with others, they would have acheived what tbey did with almost anybody, but danny and darren brought out the best of each other. They clicked. They were in sync. They were the best COMBO.

not in the 94 playoff game :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

You still talking 94????

Anyhow as i see it three combos stand above others.


we do agree on that, in different orders tho :thup:

That 94 run, for a Lion fan, was the best ever. That last drive by the lions in calgary is my fav drive of the past 40 yrs, in either league.

Be a boring world if everyone agreed.