Greatest College Quarterbacks

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Not surprisingly there are several CFL alumni included in this list, including at least one current player.

Thanks for sharing this. Lots of ex-CFL guys, and noticed Burris and Durant on the list as well.

wow, only 122 college teams. I would have thought there was way more.

still, I dont know how people keep track of the goings and coming of players on so many teams each yr and how good each team is and who should be in what bowl,etc,etc. Trying to follow college ball just makes my head spin. I am just glad I happen to watch and cheer for BC when Flutie was there. Cheering for BC was an easy choice :slight_smile:

if this quote is true
The thing with Moon was he felt he had to stay at QB because he wasn't sure if he was athletic enough to move to another position"

I am speechless that moon would or could even feel that way.

I didn't know Randle-El was a QB. :lol: Funny to see Stefan LeFors mentioned with Johnny Unitas. It's a shame that Archie was never on a better team. Seems his son, Peyton, has a similar problem... stuck on a team with no defence.

Michael Bishop... will we never be able to forget him? :lol:

...are you kidding?...this is the NCAA...there are quazi-religions based on the sort of thing you've said couldn't be possible...

yeah, I guess it would have to be that way :expressionless:

There is so much more in the context and timeframe of that quote than meets the eye for sure, and that's definitely a whole other thread probably for another offseason.

The weather is getting better everywhere and the football "drums" are beating.

In that regard to be explained another time, certainly I agree with Moon's quote given its context and timeframe.

That's right about quasi-religion and definitely the case the most in the American South.

Also for most alumni for sake of any interests in the alma mater, college football in turn remains the most popular college sport for the alumni in most of the country but much of the the Northeast (except for also PA in the Northeast where indeed football dominantly is the most popular sport at all levels of play).

Having lived in Atlanta for three years too and oddly still having more friends there than anywhere else, many like me would say that's just plainly the capital of college football.

More folks follow college football there as the capital of the South than anything else, and for sake of their other pro sports those people are great and hypocritical fair-weather fans including for the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Furthermore most of the folks in Georgia outside of Fulton County (mostly Atlanta) proper do not bother to go into the city for pro sports except for big games and postseason play, but they will travel all over the American South on Saturdays to watch college football.

Living now in Florida, I'd say that whole sweet-spot for the South and this quasi-religion of mostly SEC college football extends from Louisiana and Arkansas to the west over to Tennessee and South Carolina in the East and down to Gainesville FL about 2 hours north of me. In fact in my opinion the American South in general ends at about Gainesville Florida too.