Greatest CFL Quarterback Ever-Warren Moon vs Doug Flutie

As an American on this site, I happen to like both of these fine CFL quarterbacks who also did well in the NFL when they played there. I get the impression that most people who post here would say Doug Flutie was the better CFL quarterback than Warren Moon. I'm not saying that opinion is wrong, but isn't the job of the quarterback to lead your team to the Grey cup and win the game. If that is so, Warren Moon won five Grey Cup Championships in a row, and only played six years in the CFL, and Doug Flutie won three Grey Cup Championships (I think) and played eight years in the CFL. Each has a record to be proud of, but just by the number of championships, wouldn't Warren Moon be recognized as the greatest CFL quarterback over Doug Flutie?

A common misconception was that Warren Moon was the starting QB for the Eskimo's during the 5 years that he was in the CFL, that is not true. Warren came to Canada in 1978, the Eskimo's had a good QB in Tom Wilkinson at that time. It was Tom who lead them to their first 2 GC's. He mentored Warren about the game and he then took over for Tom on a full time bases after his second year. He then lead them to three more Grey Cup's.
Doug on the other had had three Grey Cup's as well but over a six year career. If I were to pick I would say that Doug was a better CFL QB but Warren had a better career overall.

Moon was a young rookie in the CFL, while Flutie had played 6 years in the USFL and NFL when he came to the CFL.

Moon's CFL stats are good, but some QB's had better stats then, and many more now. Flutie had the best stats of all and undoubtedly was the best QB in CFL history. In one season Doug passed for over 6,600 yards with 42 TDs while rushing for nearly 1,000 yards and 14 Tds.

Warren was chosen a CFL or Western Div. All-Star only once in his six seasons. Doug had six Most Outstanding Player awards in eight seasons. Warren had one MOP award.

I would give the nod to Warren Moon. If he had stayed in the CFL for say 5 or 6 more years, he would have suprassed Flutie in many catagories mentioned in previous posts. You could also make a case for Damon Allen as the best QB in the CFL all-time, and lets not forget Ron Lancaster, a case can also be made for him as well.

...definitely Lancaster should be on the list of all-time greats and can add Jackie Parker....Kenny Ploen....Russ Jackson...and probably a few others whom i can't recall off-=hand...each guy had his day..and because of them playing in different eras.. its a tough call... :roll:

I wasn't trying to slight anyone, especially Ron Lancaster, Damon Allen, Russ Jackson, or Jackie Parker. It's just that when reading what people write on this site, I thought there would be votes for Warren Moon and votes for Doug Flutie, and I just wanted to open it up for discussion.
In their NFL careers, Warren Moon clearly had the better career, in fact he 's the only player in football history to be enshrined in both the NFL and CFL Hall of Fame.

Marvin Graves is still the best of all time!!!

Matt Dunigan, no doubt, if he had got the passes he just missed, he would be number #1

So would be Ted White. Unfortunately, he missed a LOT of passes...

Here is a list of my top 5 of all time:

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Doug Flutie
  3. Damon Allen
  4. Russ Jackson
  5. Ron Lancaster

Hey turd the only thing white didn’t miss was a meal!!!

but third, they weren't "just" misses, you know, those ones when the crowd goes "oh" instead of "boo".

Wound't it have been great to have Flutie go head to head against Moon. Previous posters all have great reasons for choosing both. I rated them this way, but if you had said rate them on excitement , I would put Flutie ahead of Moon.

  1. Warren Moon
  2. Doug Flutie
  3. Damon Allen
  4. Russ Jackson
  5. Ron Lancaster

If I rated them on Breaking My heart...Lancaster would be #1....I can't count the number of times he pulled out last minute wins against us!

Sportsmen are you Rickey Williams.
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Could be worse, sa. He could've thrown in Vince Ferragamo, or whomever that guy that started with the L.A. Rams, but ended up playing for the Als/Concordes.

Wow! Pretty Much Everyones Saying That Moon Was The Better Of The Two. At The Risk Of Sounding Like A Hack I Personally Think It Was Flutie. Maybe It Is Cause Flutie's The Only One That I Was Able To See Play Live But I Feel That If Flutie Was A ½ Foot Taller He Could've Had As Promissing Career As Moon In The nFL.

How Ever What's Interesting Is How Even Though Niether Player Got Drafted Into The nFL From College Both Had A Hugh Impacked On The Game. Warren Moon Was Actually Told By The Coach At The College That He Planed To Go To That Because He Is Black He Would Never See The Field. He Was A Pioneer That Opened Both Leagues To Players Like Culpepper, Vick, Printers, And Greene. Whereas Flutie Was The A Scambler, While He Wasn't The First He Was One Of The Best At It And His Skill At The Two Minute Warning Surpasses Any Other Hall Of Famer That I Can Think Of Off Hand.

Great Topic Spike.

err...Flutie did get drafted in the NFL, by LA Rams in the 10th round, I believe.

It is hard to believe that Warren Moon wasn't drafted at all...Those NFL scouts must have rocks in their heads! But we should give a big thanks to the Eskimo scouts who saw more in Warren than just the colour of his skin...

Three current QB's, Cavillo, Ray and Dickenson have put up numbers in the past couple of years that overshadow all previous QB's, including Flutie, when you rate their passing efficiency. (Flutie threw up a few more INTs compared to the new guns)

They both lose, Damon Allen is the greatest

JOe Kapp was the 2nd greatest qb (next to Ron Lancaster of course) because Joe ate Squirrel Peanut butter!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
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All great QBs no doubt; Parker, Jackson, Lancaster, Flutie, Moon.......

He probably wont' make anyone's list, but for a darkhorse underrated QB, Sonny Wade.