Greatest CFL player on each team

We recently had a poll in Calgary picking the Greatest Stampeder of all Time, Wayne Harris correctly, in my opinion, was chosen for this honour. A few of us were talking the other day over a few beers and discussing who would be the Greatest player on each CFL team, (just the tradition 9) and it is interesting the despite being chosen as the CFL’s greatest player of all time, Doug Flutie was not on any of our lists as the Greatest on his team. Mostly because of the fact that he was a “hired gun” so to speak and never stayed with any team long enough to be honoured.

For the record, my choices were:

B.C. - Mervin Fernandez
Calgary - Wayne Harris
Edmonton - Jackie Parker
Saskatchewan - Ron Lancaster
Winnipeg - Kenny Ploen
Hamilton - Garney Henley
Toronto - Pin Ball Clemons
Ottawa - Russ Jackson
Montreal - Anthony Calvillo

I would like to hear other choices. By the way in my group, Harris, Parker, Lancaster and, Jackson were Unanimous. Although one Calgary fan spoiled his ballot by picking Leon McQuay as the Greatest Stamp of all time.

I think a few of those can be arguable..

I think Reed could be a good choice for the Riders greatest player of all time.

and I can't believe that nobody in the Argo's past season isn't better than Pinball..

and Flutie should be in there for Calgary.. but that's jmo.

Reed was in fact a great player, as great as he wasI think most Rider fans however would pick Lancaster. I believe that Riders fans did pick Lancaster as the Greatest Rider of all time.

I doubt any of the past season Argos would make a peewee team.

Calgary fans definately chose Harris over Flutie already.

BC Lions - Mervin Fernandez
Calgary Stampeders - Doug Flutie
Edmonton Eskimos - Warren Moon / Gizmo Williams
Saskatchewan Roughriders - Ron Lancaster
Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Dieter Brock
Hamilton Ticats - Angelo Mosca
Toronto Argos - Pinball Clemons
Ottawa RR - Tony Gabriel
Montreal Als - Mike Pringle

Overall with Multiple Teams - Daemon Allen

I assume you picked Dieter Brock for his contribution to Rider fortunes. :lol:

All great players though.

As for Flutie, I think Stampeder fans went with Harris rather Flutie because Flutie only spent 4 years as a Stamp compared to Harris playing 12. Harris never pulled himself out of a game because his hands were cold either. :twisted: All kidding asidey either would be a great choice. Most fans who saw both play would go with Harris, I would venture to say.

My Picks (could almost double for the best nicknames as well):
BC - "Swerv'en" Mervin Fernandez
Edm - "Spaghetti Legs" Jackie Parker
Cal - Doug "the Magic" Flutie
Sask - "The Little General" Ron Lancaster
Wpg - "The Indian" Jack Jacobs (never got the respect he was due IMO)

Ham - "King Kong" Angelo Mosca (was there ever any better player to hate?)
Tor - Joe "King" Krol (with Royal Copeland they were the Gold dust Twins - when the Double Blue were the kings of Canadian sports)
Ott - Russ Jackson (the greatest Canadian to play Canadian Football)
Mtl - Sam "the Rifle" Etcheverry (He could a played a few more seasons with the Als instead of heading to Chi-town)

All time best of this list was Russ Jackson (despite my Blue Bomber fanaticism)

Good to hear from someone who seem to have been around even longer than me.

CGY - Doug Flutie , No contest.
EDM- Rickey Ray, When he's finished.
SK- George Reed
BC- Roy Dewault, Everybody picking Merv,Dewault underrated.

Tor- Doug Flutie/Terry Greer
Ham- Danny Mcmanus
MTL. Calvillo ( needs to win cup this year or scratch off list )
OTT Russ Jackson

Apparently it is a contest as Calgary fans picked Harris as their choice.

No player in the history of the game was as good as Flutie in his 4 years in CGY. Haris was a great player and it seems we always think the past was better. It's the exact oppsite.

Sorry Kaps, longevity counts. 4 years is simply not enough time. If it was, then Austin or even Joey Walters would have to be considered for the Riders as would any number of other players for other teams. Austin's stats, while he played for the Riders were far superior to Lancasters but no one would ever say he was the best Rider player ever. Simply not here long enough.

An American perspective:
Calgary-Allen Pitts
Winnipeg-Milt Stegall/Dieter Brock
Montreal-Anthony Calvillio/Mike Pringle
B.C.- Mervin Fernandez
Torornto-Pinball Clemeons
Saskatchewan-Ron Lancaster
Ottawa-Russ Jackson
Hamilton-Ben Zambasisi
Edmonton-Warren Moon(Ricky Ray could be when he is finished)

Damon Allen,Doug Flutie for playing for several teams
How about some love for the kickers-Dan Ridgway,Lui Passisglia,Trevor Kennard, and Bob Cameron

Keep 'em flying! :cowboy:
Sammie Bullock

All the names being bandied about here are deserving. . . not to in any way downplay any of them, here's an alternative list of other worthy candidates:

BC; Willie Fleming
Calgary; Lovell Coleman
Edmonton; Normie Kwong
Winnipeg; Leo Lewis
Hamilton; Bernie Faloney
Toronto; Dick Shatto
Montreal; George Dixon
Ottawa; Whit Tucker

Guess I'm dating myself, hey?

Great List - I had forgotten about "Tricky Dicky" Shato! Willie Fleming is probably the best Lion as well. It would be interesting if both he and "King Kong" Mosca ended up on the same list, given their shared history.

BC Lions - Mervin Fernandez
Calgary Stampeders - Allan Pitts
Edmonton Eskimos - Warren Moon / Gizmo Williams
Saskatchewan Roughriders - Ron Lancaster/ George Reed
Winnipeg Blue Bombers - James Murphy or Willard Reeves.
Hamilton Ticats - Grover Covington/Rocky Dipietro
Toronto Argos - Pinball Clemons
Ottawa RR - Tony Gabriel
Montreal Als - Calvillo

B.C. - Danny McManus
Calgary - Duane Forde
Edmonton - Matt Dunigan
Saskatchewan - Glenn Suitor
Winnipeg - Milt Stegall
Hamilton - Leif Pettersen
Toronto - Chris Schultz
Ottawa - Less Browne
Montreal - Jock Climie

Nicely done. . . all are or were talking heads on TV after their careers. . .

Calvillo is certainlly not Montreal's best. I would nominate Sam Etcheverry, Hal Patterson or maybe Sonny Wade as he brought the most Grey Cups to Mtl!

Rob Cote
Calgary Stampeders

:D :lol:
  1. Ronnie Lancaster - Riders
  2. Joe Kapp / Tom Brown - BC Lions
  3. Dick Shatto - Argos
  4. Bernie Faloney / Angelo Mosca - Ti-Cats
  5. jackie Parker - Eskimos
  6. Wayne Harris - Stamps
  7. Sam Etchevarry / George Dixon - Alouettes
  8. Troy westwood - Bombers :smiley: :wink:
  9. Ronnie Stewart / Russ Jackson / Tony gabriel - Ottawa roughriders
:rockin: :cowboy: