Greatest CFL comebacks

What are the greatest CFL comebacks you have witnessed or remember?

One I remember was Corey Grant scoring two touchdowns with 48 seconds left to beat the Argos 20-18 in 2003. Grant hasn't done anything sice.

Ottawa on Canada Day 2005! had a Canada Day party and we all watched the game (highlight even of the party) and my NFL friends were blow away by the games ending! good times! 8)

Ottawa vs. Montreal Canada Day this year and the BC vs. Montreal game where montreal gave up a single with less than 1min. remaining leaving it a 4 point game. Last play of the game Calvillo throws a touchdown pass and wins it.

I think it was about 1971, in the rain at Clarke Stadium, visiting Hamilton had a big lead on the Eskies at half time. I think it was Bruce Lemmerman that brought led Edmonton to the win. That game was the turning point for a decade of failure to the powerhouse that is now the Eskimos.

2 good choices....I give the slightest of edge to Ottawa Vs Montreal...Canada Day

there is also the 2004 Labor Day game beteew Toronto and Hamilton that tied.

Tornot...Are they the new expansion team? :mrgreen:

Had Calgary pulled it off against Edmonton in this past year's Labour Day game, that would be the best comeback I'd witnessed ... the final score was 25-23, but it was 20-1 at halftime and 25-1 shortly after that.

In terms of seasons, Calgary from 2004 to 2005 was awesome ... in terms of franchises, BC, Hamilton, Montreal and Toronto have all made awesome comebacks ... in terms of last year, I think that Canada Day game between Ottawa and Montreal takes the cake.

dont remember the year......Bombers vs Ottawa RR......RR leading 27 - 14 with 2 mins to go....Bombers score 2 TDs in the final 2 mins and win 28 - 27....believe Clements was qb Ott and Brock for Wpg......

was that the playoff game in 94?