Greatest Canadian Ever????

Who is the Greatest CFL Canadian Player Ever??

  1. Troy westwood
  2. Paul McCallum
  3. Chris Walby
  4. All of the B.C. Lion’s Felines!!!

Riders Rule

All of the BC Lion’s Felions and Russ Jackson.

there is already a thread about this, check the link…

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Troy Westwood are you kidding me?This is a best canadian football player not biggest and greasiest mullet contest.

Troy Westwood.

Wierdest Canadian ever to play the game.

Hey Turkey,

Shouldn’t Westwood be listed under the Banjo player catagory?

Tommy Douglas

I can’t made that choice, but I’d say Paul Hederson

Papazoola got it right

Are you serious about those pics tukeybend? McCallum and Westwood, really? Dave Ridgway is better than all of those kickers, so is Lui P.

Are you really serious about Walby? Roger Aldag and Bob Poley were much stronger O-linemen.

What about Ray Elgaard, Dave Sapunjis, Angelo Mosca, Russ Jackson to name a few?

If you actually thought I was being serious then you have been out in the sun too long, or should I say rain!!!

  • cheers
  • Turkey

Doug Flutie. haha you can’t get anymore canadian then him. He was suppose to be born in canada, instead of Natick, MA. He has to count.

Tommy Douglas…Terry Fox…LESTER PEARSON!