Greatest Canadian Bomber Player

I thought my analysis made sense, for the CFL at least. There is more of an ability and a need in the CFL to just kick the crap out of the ball and usually many more punts. Ryan’s weakness with the niceties of punting and directional kicking would be much more pronounced in the NFL so I think you are right about that. Still, he had a good career there. Not easy for kickers to hang around in the NFL when they start making too much money.

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Especially when they get aged 38-40 and their health becomes a cautionary tale. Ryan, when healthy can still out punt the snot out of the football and 95% of NFL punters, if not 100%. But he hit the apex for money - and his teams considered him hi-risk, given his age!

Hank Ilesic was easily the best pure punter in the late 70s early 80s. He was one of the first in any league anywhere to put spin on the punt to make it go farther. back in 1980 you wanted to get a 40 yard average out of your punter. Hank was booting 45-47. By the mid 80s everyone else kinda caught up to him, but his numbers in '79-'82 would beat a few punters today.

He also went straight from high school to the Eskimos in the summer of 1977 a couple of months before his 18th birthday. And as far as I know he's the only guy to win 6 straight rings, the 78-82 dynasty and the 83 Argos.


Hank has always been well respected and praised for his innovation and is certainly one of the best ever. Just never a Bomber. And an unfortunate name for a punter, like Jason Dufner in golf. We used to call him Hank the Shank.

Harris up there for sure; alongside Poplawski, Walby, Bonk, Cameron; Paul Bennett had 4 Bomber seasons and was one of the best safeties, plus an outstanding punt returner.

For about 10 seasons Doug Brown ruled the bomber d-line and was the gold standard for a Canadian defensive tackle. He was physically over-powering, only slight negative was he enjoyed tests of strength with smaller but super-strong o-linemen that he too often forgot the objective was getting to the QB. His sack totals were thus lower than they should have been!

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Yeah - Brown had a good, long Bomber career.

Dave Fennell however, was quite a bit better IMO as far as all-time Canadian DTs, but played well before Brown's time.

Brown is certainly worth mentioning. He didn’t get a lot of sacks but he sure was a stalwart against the run up the middle. Mike Miller might be worthy of an honorable mention considering he holds an all time CFL record, although like Harris he was elsewhere for awhile.

The Bombers also had something similar before Brown in a guy named Joe Fleming. He played dominant at nose for the last few years of his career ending in '05 or '06. Of course Fleming wasn't a career Bomber, he played in Calgary for quite a spell and I think Hamilton? I don't think that he was Canadian though.

Joe Fleming indeed was an American DT.
Same with the all-time greatest DT in CFL history, certainly Top3 - John Helton.


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Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Fennell was rightfully known as Dr. Death. Brown, and his inadvertent refusal to incinerate smallish CFL QBs was mostly referred to as "THE GENTLE GIANT"

I rank the Bombers best Canadian players definitely as Andrew Harris, Gerry James, Dr. Ken Neilsen, Chris Walby......and Joe Pop......Players the Bombers have built winners around......Super athletes all of them ....

I'd put Walby ahead of the dentist (Ken Neilsen), otherwise you've pretty much got it right. The bigger arguments are 6 thru 10 (or thereabouts).

Obviously Doug Brown is right up there in that grouping. John Bonk, too! After that the following names come to mind - Rick House, Ron Latourelle, Paul Bennett, Bob Cameron, Mike Miller, Gord Rowland, Steve Patrick, Cornel Piper.

Zach Collaros

Collaros is not Canadian but will go down in Bomber history as one of the best qbs. in bluengold...... even with the short time he's been in the Peg
Could start another topic about qbs. but another time

Yeah well all the Russians do it, they have to , government mandated.

Not quite at Ploen or Dunigan levels yet but right up there with Jim Van Pelt, Dick Thornton, Dieter Brock (Brock never came close to winning a cup in Wpg,, Collaros on precipice of winning two (2).

I'd put Collaros ahead of Khari Jones, Kevin Glenn, Tom Burgess, Drew Willy, Chuck Ealey, Matt Nichols & Bill Van Burkleo.

Pretty much Top 3 or 4 in Bomber lore. Ooops, forgot about Indian Jack Jacobs. Jacobs certainly Top 4 or 5 at minimum.