greatest Canadian athlete of all time

Please select the top three Greatest Canadian Male athletes of all - time from the list below:

  1. Eddie Shack
  2. Todd Bertuzzi
  3. Troy Westwood
  4. Don Cherry
  5. Bob Cole
  6. Red Green
  7. All of the Trailer Park Boys
  8. Paul McCallum
  9. Gainer the Gopher
  10. The Right Honourable Joe Clark
  11. The Bluenose
  12. Gene Kiniski
  13. Steve Fonyo
  14. Burtin Cummings
  15. Stompin' Tom Connors
  16. Steve Nash
  17. Wayne Gretzky
  18. janet Gretzsky
  19. Peter Pocklington
  20. Belinda Stronach

Hank will play this game…from turkey’s list…
Clear the track.!!!
Belinda…cause she dumped that Dweeb Mckay…
Hard to take him seriously, ever since …Belinda gave him the boot…


Nash vs Lanny..I'm not a leaf fan..
Lanny was the corner stone ..on the 88 version of Lord Stanley...

Stompin Tom, Janet Gretzky, and the trailer park boys

You forgot Bulldog Brown.

I vote for Lanny and Gretz, and Eddie Shack. We have the greatest in Canada.

But for sheer heart and giving everything he possibly could, nobody can beat Terry Fox.

Sorry, I forgot to add Bernie Ruoff to the list!!!!!!!!

who was the best player of the BBs ever? that's my chioce.

best conditioned blue bomber of all-time = Chris Walby!!!

great guy, not the best canadian athele thought.


Brett Hart ! And Owen Hart ! And Joe Louis !

Didn't know Cindy Klassen had a penis thanks for the inside info!

What, we’re not allowed to say penis?

ok, so my answer in order is
1)Terry Fox (good suggestion fred)

  1. Gretz (am I a bad person for being happy that he never won a Stanley Cup with any of his American teams?)

  2. Steve Nash (have to recognise what a tremendous achievement it is for a Canadian to win a major league MVP title Esp. one that's not in a sport we're great at as a whole ie not hockey)

....Eddie 'the eagle'.....Angelo Mosca......Don Cherry.....his name alone speaks volumes ....

SERIOUSLY.....Terry a class by himself
......Cindy Klassen......recently
.......Gerry James......who played for the Wpg. Blue Bombers and the T.O. Leafs ...all in the same year...great athlete...

.......hmmmmm, can't tell for sure if you're being sarcastic there papa, Eddie was actually British, not Canadian........and while Cherry has contributed to the fabric of sports in Canada he can hardly be considered an 'athlete'.......

.....your serious choices though are pretty worthy.........

.....not that Cherry would get my nod, Red, but he did play in the NHL.....okay, so it was only for one about the playing hockey for 15 years or so....yeah, it was minor league hockey.....not exactly nomination-worthy, but I suppose he was an athlete at one point.....

.......I suppose, but I think papa had his tounge in his cheek with that nomination.....

…absolutely…had that figured from the get-go…

Howsabout a guy like Bobby Orr? He’d get a hefty nod from me…