Greater Feat: GC wins in 5 straight seasons or win 6 straight GC games

With the Argos win yesterday they have won the Grey Cup games 6 consecutive times (1991, 1996, 1997, 2004, 2012 and 2017). The longest streak in the modern CFL dating back to 1958.

Eskimos won the Cup 5 straight seasons 1978 through 1982. The previous appearance was a loss in 1977. Their next appearance after the 5 was in 1986 also in a loss.

Yesterday's game shows that any given Sunday, as long as you're in you have a 50/50 shot.

Which one is greater? In the context of the Grey Cup game by itself (and my double-blue lens!). I'll go with 6 being greater than 5. Consecutive seasons (though a feat that will likely never be broken either) will have the same core intact while no one from the 1991 winner are even active today.

The next active streak belongs to Edmonton at 3: 2015, 2005 and 2003.

There is a reason no one has ever come close to 5 cups in a row. It is a tough task in any sport. 6 in 6 appearances means nothing. Yes my Argos have won the last 6 times they have been, they also have the all time best winning percentage in Grey Cup history and only 2 teams have lost fewer GC games and those 2 combined haven't been to as many games as the Argos won. That's a great accomplishment but it happened over 105 years. Edmonton won 5 in 5. Next best streak is 3 in a row.

Yeah, this 100%. Winning 6 in 6 appearances is a neat little stat, but doesn't come close to being as impressive as 5 cups in a row. I'd be shocked if anyone ever wins 5 cups in a row again. Salary cap makes it almost impossible to have the continuity necessary to do that.