Great Win!!

I thought our D really won that game for us especially in the second half.
I'm mildly concerned about our second half scoring 3 points this week and I believe 3 points last week but I will gladly take the W.
Our D line and Linebackers were monsters.
Once we have our foot on their throats we need to finish them off in the second half.

In both of those last two games, we did most of our scoring in the first half, and did not need to do much scoring in the 2nd half. In both of those games, we had long time-killing drives that did not always lead to points being scored, but kept other team's offence off field to preserve the lead. I'm not too worried about lack of scoring in the 2nd half, because we get the job done in the 1st.

Previously, it was the other way around, with us getting off to bad starts. I prefer to make our opponents play catch-up, and it's even better to watch them not win that game.

Marcel has been toying with the opposition much of the season. He doesn’t want to show everyone his hand yet. I think we will have a better idea of how good our team is next wk. against Winnipeg.
I like our chances.

ROTFL. You cannot be serious about holding back

Never saw so many penalty flags being thrown. Then I realized they were Zellers loot bags blowin' down the field !!
Thanks, Cats ,for a great game! A real "Thriller".


Great game by the Cats. Best I`ve seen them play in a few years now. Good to see a nice crowd of 24K+ :smiley:

Its been a while since we've seen a complete game by the defense, efficient special teams and an error free effort by the offense in the same game

Well done all 'round! That was awesome.

Great effort by the 13th man, too!!! Amazing energy!

Ya know -- we can beat anyone in this league.

In Toronto we were up by 20 points at the half, and today we were up by 15. The offense played conservative to ensure that we controlled the time clock and did not turn over the ball, and I don't have a problem with that.

When the Argos made some big plays that threatened our lead, we put up a big drive and buried them. In todays game our goal in the third quarter was to shut the Riders down when they had the wind. Once we did that the game was in our hands. The only way we lose is if we turn the ball over or give up big plays that cost us points.

In either game, there was no need to bury either team by trying to make big plays and run up the score. Once you have a lead, control the time of possession and get off the field.


INCLUDING ourselves!

I think... the O did their job in the 1st half.... then turned the ball and game over to the D..... and they did their job in the 2nd half.... all in all a good team effort, and a stellar win!!

watched this on line delighted with it
have to say 2 and a half weeks ago i became a fan because im moving over there , but was a bit worried that the team might not be the best and hadn't a great record for the season
but two wins out of two and the play off in the cats paws is amazing
really cant wait to get to a live game next year

What an awesome game. The game was won in the trenches, we sacked the QB 6x and we have 160+ yards on the ground.

That's all that it takes pressure and a good run game. Those things open up the rest of the attack!

Great game boys!

Congrats Ti-Cats havn't seen the Riders that brutalized in a while thanks for giving our team a hopeful "wake up" call. Ti-cats played solid all around and riders sucked all around im not sure if the riders made you team look that good or if your team made the riders look that bad

We'll go with Part B of

:lol: :lol: :lol: :P

LOL same here I kept thinking there was a penalty LMAO

Congrats on the win, Cats fans - well deserved, from a Rider fan. I think you're peaking going into the playoffs, you've found a couple puzzle pieces, and maybe P-Rod's even coming back. There was a survey on Riderfans, and the Cat's are 70% of folks second team. Good luck in the playoffs, I'd like to play you again in Calgary!