Great Win!!

Great Win!!! It was a total team effort today, congrates for beating the best team in the West.

Where do you begin when talking about what right this game?

Well, Cobb had 150+ rushing yards. (Is that even more than what the entire Rider offence got?) Stala and McDaniel also had great games, catching what was thrown to them. Glenn got the job done, and for the 3rd consecutive game, was not sacked. The offensive line deserves lots of credit.

And on defence when was the last time we got six sacks in a game? They got few rushing yards, as I predicted. And Durant was chased from the game. And we kept them from getting a single TD.

On special teams, it was good to see Setta look reliable again.

A great game as we get our first win against Riders for first time since they ruined our perfect season in 2003.

Greater than great!!!!! Fabulous D, O & STs. A very well managed game through the winds by the coaches and Glenn. SSK started off, like we have so often this season, with 3 turnovers in the first qtr. (Durant looked like Porter) and the Cats, pretty well to a man, performed better than we've seen in ........... well, I can't remember how long. What this team has done, since losing to WPG, is enough to give us reason to believe than won't happen again. YES!!!!!!!

I have one word for theTiCats performance vs. the Roughriders....

Our Cats...smash-mouth football.
100% team effort, great game.
They didn't just beat Sask....they CRUSHED them.
Geling as a team, at the perfect time of year.
If our Cats came keep up this kind of team effort.....NO one will be able to stop them. :thup: :thup: :thup:


But this time from another CFL city! Below was copied from the Riders' Fan Forum minutes after today's game:

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Absolutely pathetic. Wow what a piss-poor effort.

Line - can't run block, can't pass block
Cates - you're done
Receivers - catch the ball
Durant - yuck. worst game of the year
Jyles - not much better
Front 7 - eaten up by Ticat ground game and not enough pressure
Secondary - Stala lit us up. Nuff said.
Congi - get it together

Sad, sad effort, pretty much top to bottom.

I like the way this team is coming together. If (when) we beat winnipeg next year... there will be no stopping us.
Cobb incredible game. Stala brilliant game. McDaniels outstanding. Defensive line scary. Glenn outstanding job and great ball control. Ticat coaches very nice game plan. Bruce nice TD catch.
This is the game we have been waiting for all year. It's all coming together at the right time.
That was the most enjoyable football game I have watched in a while. Not because it was super exciting, but because the Ticats played such a disciplined, controlled game.

Congrats to the Ticats, they played a solid game, very few mistakes and were never in danger of losing the game. The Rider forums has just as many negative comments after a win than a loss so as long as your looking you'll find plenty over there.

I would say that it was probably the Cats most complete and best game in a few years.

This was most Compleet Game the Team has played all year

Great work Everyone .. :thup:

Very Proud of the great Effort

To add to the above, extra special regards to MB and his staff< Obie and Caretaker Bob, without whom we would have no team, let alone a day like this.

Yes, Obie, you are entirely entitled to say “I told you so”, because you did. You brought “Mean and Nasty” football back to Hamilton, , and I nominate Otis Floyd as being the “Flying Tiger” of the Year. Franchise Player if there ever was one!

Smoked 'em, my brother is a Riders fan can’t wait to see him! Congrats to the whole Tiger- Cats team, I loved that tough defense! I’m pretty sure we were in their backfield so much you would think the guys were in their huddle, now that’s a great defense.

A timely and well deserved victory. Durant was horrible just like Burris at IWS this year. I would have liked to have seen more points in the second half. Stala, McDaniel, Cobb, Floyd, McIntyre, Adams, and Barker stepped up when we needed them.

I’m not sure Durant was that bad. It is hard to play well when you have 300lb 6’ Ticat defensive players in your face all afternoon. With the pressure and the wind I think he did very well to just throw a single interception. Not counting the one that McDaniel just missed.

It’s the problem with good defensive performances. They tend to be overlooked while everyone looks at the losing team’s QB stats and then insist that the losing team’s QB’s poor play lost the game. When, as in this case, our defence won it.

Durant’s bad stats were not the cause of Sask losing, they were the result of the Ticat defence playing well.

Looooooooved every freakin' minute of it!!

Bingo.... I contribute this win to the D playing as phenominal as they did....and the O complementing it.. great game all around!!!

The Cats played an excellent game.The two lines played their best games of the year.On the other hand the Riders played one of their worst .Their Qbs for the most part threw off target all game and when they hit their mark the receivers couldn't catch anything.

WHY did the Riders play one of their worst???

Perhaps the D forced them to?????

Riders lost the battle of the trenches. Thats why the QB running backs and receivers failed. They didn't have an opportunity to make plays. Its been the same for us most of the season. Win that battle and everyone looks good. Lose it and everyone looks bad


 That's exactly what happened. They were smothered by our defence most of the time. It wasn't until the second half that the green team started connecting with their receivers. By that time we were protecting our big lead and run out the clock....bit we still manged a crucial interception. Our defense was very good today. As good as they have ever been.  <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->