....WE SHOWED UP....THE CATS FOLDED.....however when are we going to learn ...once you get your boot on the oppositions throat....don't let-up.....No killer extinct YET......IT'S COMING THOUGH ...GREAT WIN...

No one is laughing at Kelly now, that's for sure. Good win there blue and gold, good win.

3 in a row, don't care what they look like, it's just nice to be winning.

.....turkeys (according to obie)... win...cats are in fold mode.....I guess are spying has finally paid off....Marcel looked shell-shocked :lol: :lol: ...Message to Cats....we WILL have the last laugh :wink: :lol:

I couldn't be happier!!!

These guys have been working so hard...well deserved...

Now if we can only find a way to make fourth quarters less interesting... :wink:

Very nice win on the road. Can't wait for the B2B with the Als :thup:

You already have!

Great win tonight Bombers!

Right...those endzone picks would have looked pretty bad if the Cats got their act together a little quicker; the extra 6/10/14 points might have come in handy. Not that I'm being greedy or anything.... :slight_smile:

.....when Bishop starts to think like Calvillo in those situations.......i believe we might be closer to a 'very good' team...It always seems to be ....'Make the BIG play' with Bish....He has to learn to be more conservative and protect a lead....which was substantial ..but we let them back in....Kelly has to have some more 'hands on' with Michael... :wink: :thup:

Great Game!!! I could not be more pleased. The only question that remains is what Bomber will be the offensive player of the week? Bishop had the most passing yards of the 8 starting qbs 2 weeks ago, but did not even get honorable mention. Again this week he topped all 8 qbs with the most passing yards, this time with 3 td passes.

Cavillo I believe had 4 td passes but well under 300 yards passing. If you factor in the importance of the win, backs against the wall etc. Sure you could give the award to Adarius Bowman, and I would be fine with that also! But I think if it`s a Bomber it should go to Bishop. And if it does not go to Bishop atleast he should be considered.

BTW I wish these forums had spell check.

Man what an embarressment. Bowman and Ralph open all night long and for huge gains. Let's not jump the routes and try to pick or anything, let's wait for him to catch it for a 35 yard gain, and then see if it's possible to tackle him, if not meh. Someone else will get him. Damn, what happened to the Cat's? They were so great to start out the year and now look like they'd rather just give up and go back home to their families rather then fight for the playoffs. I think the Bombers will shove the Cat's down to 3rd and the west will push us out... again. Certainly not impressed with the way we're just bringing in a bunch of greens when what we really need right now is not PR junkies but bonafide starters. Always next year I guess :roll:
Good luck Bombers, shouldn't get much resistance from the Cat's.

Bishop also made some terrible mistakes that if Hamilton found their game any earlier would have killed us. He cost us between 6 and 14 points with picks on throws that never should have been made (I can maybe see the first one, I have no idea what he thought he was doing on the second) and gave Hamilton a gift TD later in the game on a fumble..

In addition to Bowman not doing anything wrong like that, he also accounted for two thirds of Bishop's positive stats.

He's still not what I would call a good QB. He's just that good enough QB that, when you factor in the defense, Fred Reid in the running game, and now the emergence of Bowman and Amey making our receivers a solid group again, is what we needed to win games all along.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he's here.. and it's great to see his leadership and what not.. I thought this signing was going to be highly pointless, but I was wrong in that regard.. but let's not ignore the fact he still makes some horribly stupid decisions and is generally inaccurate (yes, he made some pretty nice throws today, but he also overthrew guys a fair bit too).

Calvillo and Geroy Simon might be in contention.. maybe even Jamel Richardson.. I'd be shocked if Bishop gets any kind of mention considering his turnovers.. my opinion however is that it's a crime if Bowman doesn't get it

This is why I was ECSTATIC when Marshall left, and even MORE excited when I found out what kind of DC Mark Nelson was. In the two or three years Marshall was here our secondary was always bad. A lot of it was blamed on our DB's, and yeah some of them were bad, but it wasn't the whole reason. Marshall's coverage schemes have always been 10, 15 or sometimes even 20 yard zones for the most part, Cover 3, Cover 4 type stuff. He'll blitz and try to play zone to be safe, but his blitzes become predictable after awhile, and teams start to figure out how to stop the blitz and where the holes are in the coverage. This is when he was here, our defense at the start of the season would look strong, but then become progressively weaker as the season went on....teams wised up to Marshall's tricks and he never seemed to be able to adjust, or he just didn't think he needed to. Either way, bad coverage is something you learn to live with if Greg Marshall is your DC....so enjoy.

Obviously, I, like most Bombers fans would have loved to see this type of winning all season long. However if I was told the Bombers would only get one hot streak all season, then down the stretch and into the playoffs is the part of the season where I would want them to get hot. The past is the past, it was ugly and the sooner we forget about it the sooner we all stop drinking. But with a 3 game winning streak, an offense that is starting to actually slowly starting to resemble the hype Kelly had been giving it all along, and our defense who is still looking strong despite some big injury losses, if we can make the most of the last 4 games, who knows what happens. I think we all remember the .500 Stampeders who knocked us off in the Grey Cup when we were 14-4. Not that it's the most ideal way to do it, but once you get to the playoffs, it's all about who wins in November.

The funny thing with winning streaks is that they tend to build confidence, which usually in turn improves performance, which helps to extend the streak. Not that the Bombers are playing perfect, but NOW they're finding ways to win football games, and in the end getting the W is all that matters. The back-to-back games against Montreal could really go a long way in telling just how much this team has improved.

Another good game at Ivor Wynne. It's worth the trip to Hamilton. Bombers played almost flawless, mistakes by Bishop can be corrected. He keeps pushing for the big play instead of taking what's given. Cats took stupid penalties and couldn't catch the ball. Missed receptions cost them. Bruce was offside most of the game. But they came back. Were the Bombers that good or the Ti-cats that bad ? Maybe Housedog and Sanjay should boycott more games, we started to win when they gave up ! Ti-Cat fans are among the best , people who left early missed some good football. Oh yeah, putting in my order at the Bomber store for Christmas gifts.

You are right as usual, Bishop was shiet :roll:

Hey be of good cheer, Ticats will be just fine! They where up against a team that just decided they where going to win, Ticats nor any other team would not have had a chance either. :smiley: East semi will be Bombers hosting Ticats, all is well.

Hats off to Winnipeg. You creamed us. We were never in this one. You look playoff ready. Kelly doesn't look so clown-like any more.

Hopefully my Ticats can win some down the stretch and we can do this again in the playoffs. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if Hamilton was on the outside looking in. What a collapse. Ticat fans are cheesed!

On who gets offensive player of the week award... Just checked the stats on Montreals Richardson, he only had a combined 70 yards receiving so he is Definately out of the running. Geroy Simon (love the guy) made that great catch with 22 seconds left, actually the ball was there, he is Out of the running as well. Antony Calvillo? Yes he had 4 td passes but was under 300 yards passing. Yes Calvillo is in the running, however I think it is between Bishop and Bowman because of the importance of the game.

Sure I am slightly paranoid, to quote the great Frank Burns (MASH) "I am only paranoid because everybody is against me". That`s dry humor for the slow folks :smiley:

So yes most realize its between the 2 of them. There is a good argument to be made for Bowman as he had a great night! However some want it to go to Bowman simply because they cant stand the idea of Bishop getting it. I am not speaking of anybody in particular, many sports writer just wish Bishop would go away, its personal with them. Personally I dont get that??

I taped the game, and if anybody wants to go back and watch the Bombers entire first series, Bishop was on the money right from the start. He scrambled from his own 15 yard line, was under pressure and was able to find a place to set his feet and drill the ball some 54 yards. It was an easy catch by Bowman btw. The second catch by Bowman, again Bishop was on the run under pressure and the ball just landed in Bowmans hands, another easy catch.

If it sounds like I am trying to play down the great game Bowman had, I was not! In Fact Bowman said they where easy catches and credited Bishop for great passes.

IMHO the award should go to Bishop but I suspect it will go to Bowman. Bowman is deserving , no question about it. It will either be Bishop or Bowman.

I'm am glad the Blue is back!

It's gonna be a close finish, as the peg is neck and neck with Hamilton, Edmonton, and BC, but I believe in the end the Bombers will fly the highest and prevail, getting into 2nd place in the East, and making it to the East final (after beating Hamilton) agaist Montreal. Unless a disaster befalls the Al's, I don't see the Blue going to the Grey Cup, but it would be a great way to end the season after the disasters and comebacks the team has had.

The Blue might be heading in the right direction after all. 8)