Great win tonight.

I had to leave mid way through the third but watched basically all the 4th.

Defense was outstanding. Norwood was inspired. Hickman and Norwood will be very scary for the Otackles

Gaydosh is a beast. He was an immovable force out there.

Banks, great to have him back. He just further put a stamp to why it's his job.

Anyways back in first place and 3-0 at our new digs!

This win is on the D

They held the fort until the O decided they actually knew what they were doing.... ST played a big role too.. .great game by 2 facets, the third, well they showed up when it was needed...

The Cats are now starting to show they can own the West....injuries are still killing us though..losing Gable nearly cost us the game!!

I'm assuming the whimpering sound we are hearing is the Blue Bummers.

Cross over hopes....slip sliding away!

Loss of Gable and Madu also injured on the sidelines was why the O took some time to show up but hey they did enough in spite of missed PI calls on our receivers in the end zone - TWICE!! :roll:
The team beat the EE AND the refs tonight! WAY TO GO!!! :rockin: