I am so happy that you won in that rain but no one was ever in Rays face other then one sack. And if Edmonton had not had the big penalties the score might not have been in our favor. Forget about making such a big thing about BRUCE he is now a ticat and one of the team. Play him but dont forget the guys that were there for the first three wins. Great going and keep up the team work. Proud to be a TICAT fan win or lose but keep up the winning. Lets show the CFL that the CATS ARE BACK.

Always a "but" huh?

Bruce seen a lot of balls because the eskie defence was keying on Cobb,try to take one away we use other weapons.When they double up on bruce,cobb prechae and davis have single coverage.Porter did a good job of finding who was in single coverage and open.Great hard fought win by the fans and ticats :slight_smile:

About no one being in Ray's face other than the sack: What about the two picks? Johnson took down Ray leading to the armpunt lateraled for the TD, and McIntyre was in Ray's face leading to pick by Knowlton in end zone. Ray did get much time at least a few times, but front seven doing well considering starters its missing.

I don't know what the penalty totals were, I would not be surprised if we took fewer penalties. It is good to see that we have not given up many penalty yards.

What game were you watching?

Knowlton pick in the endzone = McIntyre in Ray's face. multiple pressures. Kabongo holds all night.

Ray was down at least once from hits.

As for the Bruce comment, who are you addressing? PLAY HIM? I think that's a given. DON'T FORGET THE GUYS THAT WERE THERE FOR THE FIRST THREE WINS? Who could? You need 12 guys on the field at any one time pulling together to win, PERIOD.

Bruce caught eight balls and contributed to the win. Cobb's late run was CRITICAL. The defence was great is pulling out the game. Tisdale's TD off the lateral = play of the year so far. SETTA WAS HUGE.

If anyone is trying to make Bruce an issue to single out tonight, it's not that locker room. Should I wink now? End of thread.

but what! all that matters is a great team effort and the BIG W

Man Defense.....

i know for sure that there were 2 sacks and there was one play (not the pick) where it was basically a sack. And then the pick where Ray was helped off the field by trainers. i do think that we were in his face more than previous weeks

BUT Every week I see more chemistry team work and improvements


We won

Cats still need a little tweaking but they seem to be able to make the half time adjustments and shut the other teams offense down in the second half. I would love more pressure and more sacks but you have to like the team chemistry and they way they are improving each week.

Porter wasn't sacked even once so Hamilton won the sack battle with Kirk's 1 sack.

Wow that Cobb has speed to burn. He's so explosive in the open field.
One negative I noticed was that the safety, Beveridge, was no where to be found on a couple of those long bombs that the Esks completed. The safety has to be helping out on those.

I like to think the fact that there is a BUT can be positive. This team still has room for improvement, even though they have been quite successful so far. If we continue to improve, this team could really do well this year.

I think there could have been a little more pressure at times, but excessive blitzing would not have helped. Ray is great at picking apart teams that blitz. We did get some pressure and the pressure produced results.

Our defense still has room to improve. The run defense has gotten better, but we are still giving up some big yards against the pass. Our offense can also improve. The team is reallying a lot on short plays rather than the bigger plays, and they tend to sputter at times.

The defense is probably still in last when it comes to yards given up, but we have shut down oppositions in the second half, and stopped a lot of drives in the red zone, one of the big differences last night. As a result we are giving up yards, but not a lot of points, and ultimately that's what counts.

We are also forcing teams to teams to turn the ball over, and playing much more physical. We have knocked out two punters, and nicked up a couple of quarterbacks, but have stayed relativery healthy.

Overall, as much as there is room for improvement, we are doing the things we need to do to win games, and that's what counts.


Bruce is not afraid to catch balls up the middle, hes slippery quick and Ed couldn't stop him. :thup:

the eskies are a solid won...the only but should be....the ticats won but....there were only 19200 fans there.....time for the hard cores to do some grass roots marketing....start dragging you buddies out to the games! The cats are playing exciting football. I hope you can hit 22k plus for you next home game and labour day should be a sell out!

We are dominating the standings!
We won against a bona fide western powerhouse!
No need to pick apart a close win, we won! Move on to next week!

What a great time to be a Cats fan!

you guys clearly have a very good team here...

I was one of those fans who was doubting this team early on because of the past, but the ticats clearly turned it around... great to seefor you fans, you stuck with your team through a very tough time and definately earned my respect!

This team all around looks real solid, great ground game, very very good recievers, almost dominant with both bruce and rodrigeuz, very good offensive line... very good 1-2 qb combo...

Defensive line has definately been a huge improvement this year.... one of the best linebacking corps in the league, if not the best...

young secondary thats coming along nicely and you have a great kicker and good return game

solid all around and you may end up first in the east

this is one impressed bomber fan

Its great that you can appreciate the fact that the "Flying Wildcats" are displaying a little TIGERCat these days, but you would probably be banned from for being a traitor. I'm with you, I can appreciate a good team, even if its not mine. I didn't say I'd like it, but when its true its true. The TiCats are a much improved team and Bob O'Billovich should get a lot of the credit as well as the players and coaching staff.

Yeas , great cats win, and great season for them and the fans. Facts being facts though, look at the game stats and you will see they beat us at the game but lost the war due to the TD return ( on a very dangerous latteral). I'm very proud of the cats.. they will likely win the cup this year , but they need more sacks ( last in the league at 8 ). They need to constantly put much more pressure on the QB's , ( not just the odd stand out play ) lack of this is resulting in all these long pass plays against us. If you want a big !!! BUT... they will get all this sorted out when the D line is back to full strngth, with starters, and then we WILL have a power house again !!