great win, one point still remains

what a great win and i hate to rain on the parade but... many players stood out tonight but i'd like to
point out 3 guys. roger dunbrack-finally starting, should've been starting all year, why wait til week 12
what a presence inside tonight. i guess they thought that they had to start "their guy" reid from the beginning and not roger who was coach marshall's guy.
richie williams- he's just proving another lack of judgment-that he should've been #2 from the get-go.
if he was the second guy all season and they knew what they had in him-a diamond in the rough, how many opportunities would he have had to win more than 1 game? charlton keith-unfortunately it has taken them
6 rush ends and 10 games to find this "joe jr."
the fact that you have to go through 6 guys in 10 games... at least you found him now for next year.
slowly but surely, the nucleus is starting to form.

good game, sweet look-black and gold at home.
the way it should be.

            city legend

The Cats say that Keith is not yet in game shape.

I taped the game and in close ups Keith does not appear "pumped-up" muscle wise.
I bet he gets a whole lot stronger this off season, and might just be the rush end we have been looking for since old #53.