Great win by Bombers


One has to hand it to the bombers , Drew Willy and their rookie head coach. Great comeback after apparently self-destructing in the 2nd half.
2. Did not the last drive remind you of Eli Manning's last drive to win the Super Bowl with the New York Giants awhile back.
Great finish in classic CFL fashion.
Gosh, I need a shrink , I am happy the Bombers won!!

Riders Rule
CFl Rules too!! :wink:

Ah… but will you remember that when you post your power rankings?

Thanks for the kind words.

You're next bender. :smiley:

It was just nice to watch CFLFootball in the second half

Eli was exactly what I thought when I saw Willy escape that sack and throw the ball, would have been cool if that was a bigger play.

Great Win for the Bombers, hell of a game and as I said before Willy made the difference, the guys a leader on the field and you have a great QB in Drew Willy, also heck of catch by Kelly and your other receiver at the three yard line, great catch and on the TD to tie, Hamilton shot themselves in the foot on that one and just opened the door for Willy to take advantage!!

I'll fully admit that BC and Winnipeg are my least favourite teams, but even I was pulling for them when they started their final drive. Easily one of the most exciting finishes we've seen so far.

I wasn’t. :frowning:

:lol: An honest man, you are, Big Dave!!