Great win but

Charlie won't be happy for long when he reviews the game films. Yes we won but we did every thing we could to try and blow this game. It seems we have a group of players working to win and another group looking to screw up. The holding calls and off sides by the o-line 6 games in are plain stupid, our safty was non existent again until they put Beverage in and as much as i like Anderson you have to wonder about this guys ability to stay in control. He celebrated getting kicked out all the way to the locker room. Lumsden, our linbackers, and our kicker have proven to be the heart of the team but make no mistake 9 out of 10 times you will lose a game like last night with all the stupid mistakes. Lets enjoy for a couple of days then I hope Charlie runs the o-line all the way to Edmonton!

Great win....without the 'but'..

I try not to comment on the specifics of a game, because I have to watch on TV. I realize that I miss much of what actually happens, since I am restricted to what the TV director thinks is important.

However, this game was an important win from the aspect of TEAM.
I have been one of those who expected more from Maas. Last night he surpassed my expectations. But also leading by example were Lumsden, Moreno, Walker, and on, and on...

It was obvious from the start that the concept of TEAM was there for the first time.Sure, they still take too many penalties.
But, Taafe is cracking down on that aspect.
I don't know who will be the heroes in the game next week. But, it doesn't matter. Because from now on we will put a complete TEAM on the field, with multiple threats, both on offense and defense.

Are there still tickets available for the Grey Cup game?

My God, do you ever just take time just revel in a moment. It was great win, hopefully a catalyst for great things to come. And all you say is "but". Well kiss my... (can we still be freinds?). Get out of your mom's basement and raise a wobbly pop in celebration! :smiley:

Love my Cats :thup:

Nobody said they played a perfect game, just an exciting game.

The first half could have been the first half of the last few games - drive-stalling penalties, QB with little time to throw, total brain cramps in the secondary - but the outcome was very different.

The past few games they competed but were done in by the mistakes. This week they made the same mistakes but overcame them convincingly. For a young team, that's a whole hell of a lot of reason for optimism, because a young team is going to make mistakes.

I suspect that since the urgency to get that first win is over, watching game film and dissecting where the team can improve for the next game will be a much more productive excercise this week....yeah, we need tons of improvement but there has to be at least a 24 hour window for the team to sit back, let out a long sigh and say......Yahhhhhhhh baby!....We smoked their asses and put the pride back in the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and their fans!

Beers to the Cats! ( 500 pound Robbie too!)

Last night's Ticat victory was a joy to watch. It was also a great relief to see Jason Maas overcome his "red zone blues" in a big way, and to witness the Ticats outscore an opponent in the second half of a game for the first time this season. And Jesse Lumsden's performance was a spectacular combination of speed and power.

It is an interesting bit of irony that the Ticats won by 21 points last night and now have a 3 point lead on the Bombers (i.e. the missed field goal by Westwood at the end of last week's game) in the points differential to break a potential tie in the standings at the end of the year.

Lastly, after the rude comments published by Doug Brown about the City of Hamilton this week, it was fitting that the Bombers experienced a "Brown Out" on "Black Out Night" at Ivor Wynne Stadium yesterday evening.

Congratulations to the entire Ticat team on a job well done!

great win BUT you're 1-5. when you're actually competing for a playoff spot, then get excited.
Last year you were 4-14...its tough to not stumble into a win here and there throughout an 18 game season. So put it in perspective....some of you sound like Maple Leaf fans.

I just have to ask… being 1 game (2 pts) back of a playoff spot, does that not mean we are competing?

the upside of this team is apparent each game, that is were my positveness comes from. if the team didn’t show any character i’d be angry. but we’ve shown we can play with anyone in the league even though we happen to be 1-5.

but your "upside" doesnt get you into the playoffs unless you turn it into W's. Last night was a start...but its how you continue from here that makes the difference. Lets look at the other side of the coin too...perhaps Winnipeg had an off game? Believe it or not that happens...winning 1 game doesnt make you a good team. Winning a bunch of games does.


I'm sure that all the Cats' fans agree with you, but I have certainly seen amazing improvement with our play.

If we can get our players to play as clean as Ivory Snow, just so that the zebras stop throwing their hankies for having a finger on a jersey, then we'll have an amazing team.

and i agree, you gotta start somewhere, this season still has 2/3 to go, so there is some hope of making the playoffs.
the back to back vs argos coming up will be huge and should be looked at like a playoff situation

can i make a request before the next game? can every single ticats fan please pick up a rule book so that when a blatant call is made against your team, i dont have to listen to 20,000 people foolishly booing?

For the past two games we have played very well (penalty problen excepted) against the best team in the Eastern Division.
The team should expect and demand to be in the playoffs.

Some real leadership and character was shown out there last night...I'm talking about Moreno "captaining" the D with Walker; Lumsden's "heart" in pounding out the plays, Jason's impassioned fervour on the field
Last night, the team got it together, and won against the best of the East, and while you can niggle over some of the mistakes, we remain six games in and four points back of first place...

You're right, but I don't see any body (seriously) predicting a Great Cup berth, just a bunch of people celebrating a good football game, the emergence of some great talent and the end of a frustrating losing streak.

I don't get this all-consuming focus on the playoffs. What do you want people to do, sit there quietly in the stands all season and then, once the final standing are known in November, cheer or boo for the entire season, whichever is appropriate? You might as well just tape the games all season and only watch them if they win the GC, if that's all there is for you.

If I get five or six nights of entertaining football at IW a year, I'm a pretty happy season ticket holder. If I get that, there's a pretty good chance the team will make the playoffs. The team I saw play weeks 4,5 and 6 is good enough to make the playoffs - once you get there, anything can happen.


Had Lumsden not scored the first TD and Westwood been able to kick, it would have been a whole different ballgame. It's too bad the Cats won't be playing at home next week, the momentum would be on their side. But instead they'll be on the road again for the rest of the month...

the cats do take to many penalties, but atleast 50% of their penalties come from busch league CFL reffing.and that ejection anderson got was bull sh!t.

I actually did see a few Grey Cup type posts. I believe we may make the playoffs but we'll need help from more than just the Eastern teams remember. Next weeks Edmonton game could be the season

Every team that is play-off bound had to win their first game...we just waited a bit.

The division is not a strong one, with the Argos struggling and Montreal not looking a heckuva lot better.

12 games to go. Lots of upside. Being two points back puts us "in the hunt".

People talikng Grey Cup (especially in this league at this juncture) is just plain goofy.

But, as I said...lots of upside.

Hamilton is a strong team, with a great deal of ability. All they need to do is show enough discipline to contain their penalties, and they will be a team to be reckoned with.

IMO, if they can control their penalties, they could make the playoffs. Currently, I do believe they are better than the Als and the Argos.