Great win, but come on...

Great win tonight. This was a huge game for the Eskimos, and everyone came to play. The Eskimos played well in all three facets of the game.

The only thing that pisses me off is it took this long for the team to finally get it together. I know we're finally out of the basement, and into the playoffs... but come on. I wish this team would've been playing this well a month ago.

Oh well.


I'm just glad we made the playoffs through the West. If we win the West Semi, I'll be ecstatic! :smiley:

Everyone showed up.Defence kicked some butt.But...will we keep going?

one of the best games you guys have played this year congrats i was pulling for you against the lions LOL looks like a battle of alberta semi

Three weeks ago you were saying that you didn't even want to see the Eskimos in the playoffs at all....Had a change of heart, did ya? :wink: I figured you would.

They've played awesome the last two games, the o-line is taking total control on every snap, and the defense is playing great. It sure took forever for this team to come together, but they've done it at the right time. Of course, the odds of beating Calgary, Sask, and (most probably) Montreal all in a row are pretty slim, but at least this team has found itself and is playing up to its capabilities. No matter what happens, they'll have a better sense of how to go into next season personnel wise. I think they've discovered some talent in guys like Barnes, E. Hill, and Whitlock has become a seriously explosive weapon. Drew and Parker were good additions on defense and the pass rush has picked up considerably, too. Peach and Ellis are playing their asses off. The biggest thing, though, is that the all around intensity is finally there. You can sense it, see it on the sideline after plays are made. For the longest time, it looked like the whole damn team was just going through the motions, and that was hard to watch.

That's because three weeks ago I didn't want them in the playoffs. Three weeks ago they didn't deserve to be in the playoffs. However, now that they are in the playoffs, I'm glad it's in the West and not the East.

As I said earlier, it's nice that the team finally got it together, I just wish they would've gotten it together a little earlier. Don't get me wrong, I still think this team has a lot of changes to make this off season. But now that we're in the playoffs, we might as well focus on the next game(s).

I believe we will win the game next week and also the following in Regina. With the total turnover in our secondary and the offensive scheme changes the last 5 or 6 games were like training camp and exhibition. We now seem to be gelling at the right time our O-line is playing very well. Our offense under Strasser has started to show a 50/50 ratio between run & pass is sweet. We may have the best defensive secondary we have had in the last decade and our Linebacker Corps are playing well together.The D-line of Peach, Ellis, Taylor, and Haywood is getting it done and this team is showing its possible greatness.

For these reasons I believe we may find ourselves Hoisting the hardware in Calgary at the end of November.

lets not forget that we basically played against their third string QB and alot of the players had the Flu. But it was a great game . I was their and loved when Printers came back after the Half wearing his street clothes . alot of the Lions fans were giving him the Gears.

Welcome back on the bandwagon.

Did we really gain an advantage though , who would you rather play Hamilton or Calgary.

You know, we’re both Eskimos fans, so we shouldn’t really be attacking each other, but you honestly need to give it a rest, man. Just because I don’t worship the ground these guys walk on, doesn’t me I “jumped off the bandwagon.” :roll:

Yeah, but the bigger issue (assuming they could advance in either scenario) is would you rather play Montreal in Montreal or take your chances against Sask at Regina? Either way, it probably doesn't matter because Montreal is the class of bunch and they're not likely to be beaten by anyone IMHO.

Congrats on your win. We were awful in the second half.

Even though we "Backed" into the Playoffs, you may have done us a favour.

The Road to the Grey Cup might be easier through the East than the West!


Do you really think it would be easier going through the east?

Tell me, how many games have western teams won in Hamilton this season? And how many western teams have won a game in Montreal this season?

Here's my warped theory!

When teams have missed the playoffs for a while, they usually (Seem to) lose the first playoff game when they return to the Post Season. I know the Lions have lost a few that way. Also winning all three games in a season is a big challenge (Hamilton won both meetings)

BC always plays Montreal quite well. Having a bye tends to have teams start slowly, so with that combined thinking........The East is an easier route.


Considering how poorly BC has played down the stretch.....Hamilton just might blow them out by 40 points! :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


Or Casey Printers lights up the scoreboard and the Lions win by 40 points. . . wouldn't that be something. . .

I think Casey will break a Nail in the First Quarter and sit out the rest of the game , Wally will reattach Bucks sholder to his Body with Duct tape and Buck will get pummelled for the rest of the Game.