Great Week in CFL

This is an exciting week in the CFL, with every game a big one, with the possible exception of the Hamilton/Toronto tilt. My apologies to Ti-Cat fans but even after a win, it is hard to get excited about the Argoes.

B.C. should be the top ranked team in the power rankings and this game will tell if they are for real. Hopefully Kavis Reid remembers to pack his brain on this trip. Hard to pick this one, it depends on how well prepared the Eskimo's are.

Calgary can at least toe a nail in the Rider coffin, but the Riders seem to always come up big against the Stamps.

First place on the line in the East.

Gotta love the CFL. :cowboy:

My heart picks, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton.

My brain picks, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Montreal and Hamilton.

if you really think Edmonton is going to beat B.C. on Friday.......

you're talking about 1 team on a 5 game winning streak, playing extremely well vs a team that is having issues and can't seem to get it together, even with their top receivers.

B.C. will win that game, I am not worried about it.

I don't know about the Winnipeg/Montreal game or the Saskatchewan/Calgary game.

it truly depends on what Winnipeg shows up with. Pierce and Reid if they're out? forget it.

Winning streaks always end, upsets often happen. If you think it can't happen I have 2 words for you:

Labour Day

Nobody gave Edmonton any hope of winning then, present company included. B.C. deserves the top ranking but they are playing over their heads. They will come down to earth. Maybe it won't be this week but it will happen.

In essense this could be true too; >> Riders vs Eskies October 10th in Edmonton....
Eskimos cannot possibly lose this game, I'm confident Edmonton will pull this one out. :stuck_out_tongue:

argos players already guarenteed a win :wink: