Great weather bad seasons...bad weather...good season???

I thought I'd have a little fun with this, after looking at the forcast.

Okay for the past few years we've had fantastic weather (for the most part), and well out Tabbies haven't done to well.

This Thursday as it stands right now the Weather Network is calling for a chance or thundershowers and rain.

Could this be the key??? Do we need a rainy season opener to wash off the bad omens, and give our Cats a fresh start to the season?

Only time will tell!?!?

explain last year the weather wasnt good for most of the games last year it rained for a couple of the games and the record want any good either

That's why I put the (for the most part) part in the post.

It rained some of the games last year but not all of them.

Hmmmm....the superstitious part if me is hoping for a little first quarter shower...just to wash the jinx